Sunday, April 15, 2012

Update on Children's Rosary Today!

The children and I are just back from the children's rosary and will be going back to the church shortly for the Divine Mercy Celebration where more Bibles and handmade bookmarks will be given out.  We were blessed this morning with new members.  We had four new children.  Three of which were from a Parish in Waterbury some distance from our town.  They are home schooled.  As this is school vacation week many children were away but the Lord in his goodness brought us three beautiful children who are schooled at home and therefore do not care that public schools have vacation. One of our new members is named Bernadette which seemed so wonderful as St. Bernadette's feast day is tomorrow.  At the conclusion of the rosary led by the children the first bookmark was chosen by Mary Rose for Our Holy Father the Pope.  The Saint which chose to lead him in his spiritual journey was St Charles Lwanga a Martyr from Uganda.
St. Charles Lwanga and Companions

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