When the Children's Rosary began in 2011 it was one small group of children in one parish.   For a year and a half it remained just one little group of children praying.  Although small there were lots of prayers being said.  Along with the monthly Rosary the children said together as a prayer group hundreds of 9 day novenas were said to different Saints asking that the Children's Rosary be the extended hands of Our Blessed Mother and her Son in the world and gather a great many souls especially young people for Our Lord.  As 30 or more saints were being prayed to at the same time by the children and members of the Children's Rosary it was beautiful to contemplate the line of Saints waiting to have their turn to present petitions to Our Lord.  As each one stepped forward Our Lord would ask what each saint was presenting.  Over and over the same prayer was laid at the feet of Our Lord: that the Children's Rosary would be the extended hands of Mary and Jesus in this world and gather a great many souls for the Lord especially young people.   In faith we knew each prayer was heard and we waited to see how the Lord would use us.  As the Children's Rosary began to grow and more little Children's Rosary groups began to form our prayers were multiplied.  Then doors began to open, the Spirit seemed to direct us to the Radio.  With little knowledge of such things we followed.  A Children's Rosary was recorded and CDs released.  As a flower gently opens in spring we began to see Our Lord indeed using these little children to reach a great many souls. In their innocence and humility their voices had the ability to touch even the most distant hearts.  And so began our efforts began to bring the Children's Rosary to the airwaves.

In prayer we felt our Lady and Our Lord directing us to try and bring the Children's Rosary to stations at 5:30 PM as many are traveling home to meet their families or even have children in the car as well.  Yet some stations are not able to broadcast at this hour as some sign off when the sun goes down and for a good part of the year they are quiet.  In this way we humbly suggest the 5:30 time but in all things we are grateful for any chance to have the children's prayers heard.  We know that Our Lady and Our Lord can make use of every moment granted to us.  It is as a stream that can not be held back but finds the nooks and crannies and winds its way between every obstacle.  So it would seem Our Lord means to use the voices of the smallest in this world to touch that which is the furthest from Him.  

Currently the Children's Rosary is airing on the following stations.

EWTN Radio Classics airs the Children’s Rosary each day at 4:30 PM ET. Listen LIVE HERE.

Eternal Life Radio in Massachusetts USA is currently airing the Children's Roasry daily at 5PM ET.  To listen LIVE streaming click HERE.

Every Sunday Morning at 7AM ET on the show "Cause of Our Joy" which airs on WACE 730 AM.  This station broadcasts out of Chicopee, MA and reaches regions of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire in the United States.

Every Monday morning at 4:30 AM CT on WFSI Radio.  This station broadcasts in Illinois USA including the Rockford Illinois Diocese and the Archdioces of Chicago.  It also airs in Wisconsin in the Milwaukee Archdiocese. The Children's Rosary can be heard online LIVE streaming on their website.

On the Second Sunday of the Month from 3-4PM CT on the Radio Maria Network. This station airs in Louisiana, Mississippi, New York, NY, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.  The Children's Rosary can be heard online as well.

The Children's Rosary airs during the 3-4PM hour on the 13th of the month on Holy Spirit Radio in Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA.

The Children's Rosary airs the first full week of each month- Monday through Friday in the 3PM hour and 9 pm on Saturday and Sunday on both KHRM 94.1 Anchorage Alaska and KQHE (Queen of Heaven and Earth), 92.7 Fairbanks, North Pole and Interior Alaska Region.

Please if you are reading this consider reaching out to your local radio station.  Ask them to air the Children's Rosary and our theme song "Rosary Children".  We will make the song and all the mysteries of the Rosary available to them at no cost. 
All those with questions or Radio Stations interested in airing the Children's Rosary please write us at
If you would like a copy of our released CDs please click HERE

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  1. KCRD, 98.3 FM in Dubuque Iowa, broadcasts the Children's Rosary weekends at 3:30pm CT, as well as the Children's Rosary Litanies throughout the entire week (on local availabilities)