Saturday, February 29, 2020


This morning we had a wonderful surprise. A new Children's Rosary group had registered from Dayton, Ohio USA. This is a parish based group which will hold their first meeting at St. Francis of Assisi Church today! So often we have no idea all that Our Lord is doing. We had no idea there were efforts to begin a Children's Rosary in Dayton, Ohio USA. We welcome this group to the Children's Rosary. They join a tapestry of prayer that extends to more than 30 countries. 

For those who might have interest in starting a Children's Rosary at your school or parish. Visit this LINK to learn the steps.
We also have a new instructional video on how to run a Children's Rosary in a school:

Thank you all and may God bless you.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Children Who Have Been Waiting Since July 16th Receive Rosaries!!

January 18th the members of the Children's Rosary at St. Bernard Catholic Church in Kaka Basty, Pakistan received rosaries. The long purple ones were given to the group leaders, the smaller ones to the children. This group had their first meeting on July 16th 2019. They have been waiting for rosaries since the summer! Winter is upon them and through all their patient prayers finally each child has his or her own rosary.

All the families gathered in the Church for the special meeting when rosaries were given out.
Children lined up patiently to each receive a rosary.
These children have been meeting weekly on Sunday mornings at 7AM to hold their Children's Rosary.

We wish to thank all those who with love and care make the rosaries that are sent to the Children's Rosary. We in turn share the rosaries with the children in new and existing Children's Rosary prayer groups around the world. Thank you also for those who make donations that allow us to cover the shipping expense to send these boxes of rosaries and materials both within the United States and throughout the world. 

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Children's Rosary in Saroky, Pakistan Receives Rosaries!

This week we are sharing pictures from Pakistan. We received news on January 5th 2020, which was Epiphany, that a box with 419 rosaries we sent had arrived. Children in 11 new Children's Rosary groups were waiting to each receive a rosary. On January 17th we received the first pictures of the children receiving the rosaries. The group that was visited on January 17th was the Children is Rosary in Saroky, Pakistan. They held their first meeting on November 24th 2019. But the children had been meeting all that time without a rosary. Special preparations were made for the day the children were to receive their own rosary. The Church was decorated with a Children's Rosary banner.

When I asked Babu Chand, who oversees this group, if the children had been waiting a long time for their own rosary, he answered simply, "Yes." 

The rosaries for this group were laid out in a beautiful way before the children. The children lined up and each had a turn receiving a rosary.
This group has a weekly meeting time of Fridays at 5PM. 
We feel it is important to show these pictures so individuals realize how the donations that are given to the Children's Rosary have been helping children. 
These images are also hopeful. They show the faces of the young children of our next generation. These children will not only keep the rosary they received but they are using the rosaries each week in their Children's Rosary prayer group. 

If you would like to help these efforts consider making a donation to the Children's Rosary. To make a donation click HERE.
Handmade rosaries can be sent to the Children's Rosary at:
PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06127 USA

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Good News Came from Pakistan on January 5th 2020

We received exciting news from Pakistan on January 5th: the Feast of Epiphany. A box of Children's Rosary materials had arrived including 419 rosaries. Almost all of these rosaries were handmade.This box had long been anticipated and children in new Children's Rosary groups had been waiting as long as 6 months to have rosaries with which to pray. The groups continued to meet while they waited and faithfully prayed. Our Lord did not disappoint the children. Their prayers were heard. On Epiphany we were told the long awaited box had arrived. 

This week we will be highlighting the visits Babu Chand, a Catechist and Children's Rosary group leader, made to these different Children's Rosary groups that waited for so long praying and hoping to receive a rosary of their own. 

We thank all those who help to make rosaries and those who donate to the Children's Rosary. This allows us to keep sending boxes such as the one pictured above.
To make a donation to the Children's Rosary click HERE.
Handmade rosaries can be sent to the Children's Rosary at:

PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06127 USA