Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jesus Chilled to the Bone

Twice a week my husband takes me to an indoor pool.  I will not say I am swimming but rather slowly paddling around on a yellow noodle float.  It is one of the few exercises I can still do with my joint instability.  One thing that is difficult is using the locker room as I need significant help.  Therefore after we are done in the pool my husband helps put on my shoes for me, we lightly dry off and then brave the cold air in our wet bathing suits with a light jacket over us.  In the middle of winter with snow it is a heroic adventure to go but we do.  Tonight as we were leaving the pool in our wet bathing suits we hit the outside and a cold wind had blown up.  As we made our way to the car I began to shiver.  Feeling the cold my thoughts went to Jesus the night he was taken from the Garden.  He was taken and brought before the Sanhedrin, before the high Priest and all the Chief Priests.  We know that it was cold that night as we are told "Peter followed him at a distance, even right into the courtyard of the high priest.  And he was sitting in the firelight with the guards warming himself at the fire". (Mark 14:55).  

Peter's Denial, Carl Heinrich Bloch
Jesus stood before the priests while false witnesses were brought against him.  Despite their false testimony He remained silent.  Later, in a rage the high priest tore his clothing(Mark 14:63).  Jesus was then taken away until morning when he is brought before Pilate.    As the night was cold and Jesus’ clothes had been torn from him, might Jesus have been shivering.   Alone and abandoned by his friends Jesus must had felt coldness from all sides.  
Jesus when are bodies and souls feel the coldness from this world may we offer up these feelings through the Immaculate Heart of Mary to be unified to the coldness you felt during your Passion. As our bodies are cold may our hearts be set afire with Love of You and our neighbor.  May we have a burning desire to gather souls for our Heavenly Father as you did during your Passion. Amen

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