Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Novena to Saint Dominic Savio

Novena to Saint Dominic Savio
Feast Day May 6th
St. Dominic Slavio
Dear Saint Dominic Savio you grew under the supervision and care of St. John Bosco. Witnessing the zeal of your mentor you shared his desire to bring the Lord a great many souls. Despite your frail and weak constitution you devoutly waited for Holy Mass kneeling outside your church until the doors opened despite rain or snow.  
We ask you to look upon all young people and inspire them to love the Holy Eucharist as you did.  Pray that we may all share your aversion for sin and achieve a life of sanctity.   Jesus always spoke of his love for children and we know that your requests will be well received.  We humbly ask that you bring our petitions before the Lord.  
Saint Dominic Savio Pray for us (repeat three times)
1 Hail Mary

A Story of Saint Dominic Savio:
While at school a serious offense was committed by a classmate. The child who had previously been in trouble with the teacher wrongly accused Dominic of committing the offense.  The teacher threatened Dominic with expulsion.  Dominic made no reply to the accusation but stood in silence head bowed.  The teacher relented and did not expel Dominic as he had never been in trouble before.  A short time later the teacher discovered the identity of the real culprit.  He asked Dominic why he had not defended himself.

His answer came slowly but simply: "I knew that the other boy was in trouble for other things. I remembered how Our Lord had been unjustly accused, and I hoped that if I kept silence he would be given another chance."

This event occurred when Dominic was eleven years old and reflects both the depth of his faith and love of his neighbor.

Dominic also had a deep love for the Immaculate Heart of Mary. He often prayed to Mary, "I always want to be your son. Let me die rather than commit a single sin against chastity."

Dominic became increasingly sick and had to eventually leave the school.  Dominic died on March 9, 1857 at the age of fifteen.

St. Dominic Savio was invited to join the children's rosary today. One of the children of our children's rosary group began this novena to him today.  The children  are beginning novenas to other child Saints such as St. Maria Goretti and St. Tarsius of the Holy Eucharist.

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  1. "Ego sum Resurrectio et Vita" Jesus's words, I AM THE RESURRECTION AND the LIFE! Alleluia!
    Hello, I believe St. Mark the Evangelist, Monsignor Michael Motta, has a first class relic of St. Dominic Savio. You might want to approach Monsignor for an opportunity for the children to borrow and venerate this relic. God bless you.
    Mary Nagy
    Easter Monday, April 8, 2012