Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to Plan a May Crowning

The Month of May is dedicated to Mary and many enjoy the wonderful tradition of a May crowning of Mary. Often May crownings are held on "May Day" which is May first but any day in May is wonderful. 

Here are the Basic Steps
1) Center the crowning around a Statue of Mary.  Some Churches have statues of Our Lady or you can bring a statue of Mary and then choose your location within or outside the Church.

2) Consider decorating around the statue with some flowers or candles.

3) Organize a processional which ends at the statue of Our Lady.  During the processional consider singing a song to Our Lady.

Here are some suggestions for possible songs:
Immaculate Mary (Ave Maria)  .....lyrics
Bring Flowers of the Rarest ...... lyrics
Hail Holy Queen ...... lyrics
We have included on our Children's Rosary CD of the Glorious Mysteries the children singing Hail Holy Queen.  This is meant as a resource for groups who would like to play music as the children process.  To order our CD click HERE.

4) Place a crown of flowers on Our Lady's head at the end of the processional.  If there are children processing it is always sweet to have the smallest child crown Our Lady if they can reach. The crown of flowers is often made of little roses but can be made of wild flowers.  Most grocery stores with a florist department will make one with a small bow for a very reasonable cost.  
5) Prayers are then said before Our Lady.  There is flexibility here to say one Hail Mary or a whole Rosary. A pdf of how to pray the Rosary is available HERE 
May Crowning at a Children's Rosary May 2013
A May crowning is a wonderful way to begin a Children's Rosary during the month of May. 

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