Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Call

Caitlin McEntee, one of the members of the children's rosary, leaves this week to follow a call she has felt in her heart.  She left her job last week in Connecticut to travel across the country to a small monastery on Shaw Island.  This Island is part of Washington State, USA. She is doing a monastic internship for 1 year at Our Lady of the Rock Monastery which is run by Benedictine Nuns.  If God will it she hopes that this year of prayer will lead her to a life consecrated to Jesus.

Our Lady of the Rock Monastery on Shaw Island
Caitlin has been an active member of our children's rosary group.  She has said many novenas to Saints for our children's rosary group and recruited many new members who have also joined in our prayers for renewal of family prayer.  Although she is a gifted orator and singer she in her humility often chooses to do the work behind the scenes. Although Caitlin is 26 years old there is a child-like innocence about her.  Children love being around her and she absolutely brings out the best in my children.

Our Lady of the Rock Monastery
As one would expect, moving toward a consecrated life is fraught with spiritual attacks.  She has suffered greatly this year as she moves forward with her goal.  Bouts of feelings of inadequacy continually snapped at her spirit.  I share these struggles for the sake of those reading who are also discerning a vocation.  It is a difficult road but one with beautiful rewards.  Caitlin has held strong with her rosaries in hand all year and Our Blessed Mother has guided her through.  Caitlin is a beautiful example to all the members of the children's rosary especially our younger members that we can say yes to the invitation to follow Jesus.  I ask those of you who are reading this to keep her in your prayers as she follows the call to a vocation.
Farm at Our Lady of the Rock Monastery
If you want to read more about this Monastery or the Monastic Internship see link below
Dear Caitlin, as you set out to an unfamiliar place far from family and friends know that you are in the hearts of all those at St. Thomas and you are included in the prayers of our Children's rosary each day.

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