Thursday, April 26, 2012

Novena to Fr. Patrick Peyton

Novena to Fr. Patrick Peyton
Fr. Patrick Peyton

Fr. Peyton you spent your life on earth working for families.  You brought the rosary into homes and into hearts.  Through your devotion to the Blessed Mother many families came to seek the intercession of Our Lady.  We ask for your prayers that our family will become a chapel where we pray.  Obtain for us the grace that every family will become a prayer group in front of the Cross.  May we experience a renewal of family prayer and may that spread across our tired world.  May our broken families be mended with the Love of Our Mother and her Son Jesus.  We humbly ask that you will carry the petitions we hold in our hearts to Our Blessed Mother and Her Son who cares for each one of us. 

We pray to Jesus that Fr. Peyton will soon be counted among our Saints. Amen
1 Hail Mary

Please see the post: Families that pray together stay together for background on this priest who (God Willing) is on the road to becoming A Patron Saint for Our Families.

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