Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Mass Offered on July 25, 2022 for Members of the Children's Rosary

A Mass was offered on July 25, 2022 for all the members of the Children's Rosary and all who help the Children's Rosary.  We continue to have a Mass said for the this intention on the 25th of the month. The Eucharist is such a powerful gift from Our Lord that when I wanted to extend thanksgiving to all of you I knew of no better way to express my gratitude.  May Our Lord's love be poured down on all of you through the powerful sacrifice of the Holy Mass. 

Members of the Children's Rosary continue to write with good news and blessings. We would like to share a wonderful update and pictures from the Children's Rosary in Paraguay. Seminarian Santiago Gabriaguez shared pictures from the Children's Rosary  at Virgen de Fátima Parish, San Lorenzo, Paraguay. Parish priest P. Wilson Lopes and the group leader can also be seen with the children in the picture above. Seminarian Gabriaguez shared, "The children are happy to belong to the Movement, their parents accompany the moments of prayer, the leaders feel blessed and enthusiastic in this beautiful work, the Pastor from the first moment supported and motivated this project, today becoming stronger and stronger."

In Spanish it read: 

"Los niños están felices de pertenecer al Movimiento, sus padres acompañan los momentos de oración, los líderes se sienten bendecidos y entusiasmados en esta hermosa obra, el Párroco desde el primer momento apoyó y motivó este proyecto, hoy día fortaleciéndose cada vez más."

Saturday, July 23, 2022

Our Children’s Rosary is Now Drawing People from Other Parishes

This week we received a very encouraging email from one a Children's Rosary group leader from Metuchen Diocese in New Jersey, USA. She wrote:

Our Children’s Rosary is now drawing people from other parishes! Two women came for our July group. They loved it! Now I am going to their Rosary Altar Society in October to talk with them on how to start a Children’s Rosary group in their parish. 

Three days later, I had a call from a woman from another neighboring parish who is joining us in August with her children. She is coming with a friend from another parish who is bringing her children. Both will stay after for me to talk to them about starting up their own Children’s Rosary group in each of their parishes! I will do whatever it takes to assist them! Working for Our Lady’s intentions is so wonderful! She is bringing these people to St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi Church!

In the spiritual life one realizes that there are dry times and also times of great consolation. We see this too with the Children's Rosary groups. Sometimes Our Lord is asking us to struggle and wait for even one family to attend and then there are times when we see families coming from not only the home Church but distant Churches. In all situations we praise God! We know in each of these situations our efforts bear fruit and we thank God. 

Monday, July 18, 2022

Scottish Hospitality

Following the World Meeting of Families and the subsequent trip to Heiligenkreuz, Austria, we made a five day visit to Paisley, Scotland. Bishop John Keenan was our host. We were overwhelmed by his hospitality and those who welcomed us in Scotland. Helen Border and her team of volunteers seamlessly organized the July 2 event at St. Mirin's Cathedral where Bishop Keenan celebrated Mass, we prayed the Rosary, had Adoration, and I was able to provide a talk about the Children's Rosary.  Children's Rosary group leader Lesley Ward invited us to her home for lunch the following day.

We were able to tour her garden, and she prepared a lovely lunch with her family - even a salad from her garden. 

Angela Brogan, Children's Rosary group leader, and her husband hosted us for a delicious dinner at her home! (see photo directly below) 

Carméla Reilly, who is the group leader of a Children's Rosary group in Glasgow, joined us for Sunday morning Mass at St. Mirin's Cathedral. 

She and her children used the Child Consecration book to make a 33 Day Consecration journey. After Mass we spoke together with Bishop Keenan (photo beneath). 

We were grateful to Marianne from the Curia office who helped in providing us transportation (see picture below). 

One of the highlights of the visit was to join Bishop Keenan each evening for his Rosary, which he leads each evening using the Children's Rosary book.  Normally we unite with him from our home in Connecticut, USA, but during the visit we were able to pray in person. The top picture was taken just after he led the Rosary. 

Friday, July 15, 2022

Acimena Publishes Article about the Children's Rosary

Recently we were contacted by Elias Turk the Vatican Editor of He was interested in featuring the Children's Rosary on Acimena which is an Arabic website that is part of ACI/CNA that belongs to EWTN news. We are very excited that they have reported on the Children's Rosary as our recent trip to Rome helped to establish several very important contacts in such Arabic speaking countries as Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Palestine. The link to the article can be viewed HERE.

Monday, July 11, 2022

Interview on the Spanish Steps of Rome (in Spanish)

During our visit in Rome we had a providential meeting with Father Ralf Prada on the Spanish Steps. Father Ralf Prada speaks Italian and Spanish but not English.  Noticing Asher's T shirt in Spanish he invited him to do a brief interview for his YouTube channel. See the video HERE or watch below at time mark 2 minutes. I provide a very short introduction to the Children's Rosary in English after Asher's Interview.

Durante nuestra visita en Roma tuvimos un encuentro providencial con el Padre Ralf Prada en la Plaza de España. El Padre Ralf Prada habla Italiano y Español, pero no Inglés.  Observando la camiseta que Asher tenía puesto en Español, lo invitó a hacer una breve entrevista para su canal de Youtube.  Observa el video AQUÍ o observalo arriba a la marca de 2 minutos.

Monday, July 4, 2022

Children's Rosary Event, July 2, 2022, at St. Mirin's Cathedral, Scotland

On Saturday we had a lovely meeting with many individuals who are part of the Children's Rosary in Scotland. The morning began with Mass celebrated by Bishop John Keenan followed by the Rosary and Adoration. Helen Border and her team of volunteers coordinated a lovely reception followed by a talk delivered by myself about the Children's Rosary and the fruits we are seeing throughout the world. Lesley Ward, one of the Children's Rosary group leaders, had recently printed several Children's Rosary banners, and we are most grateful to her for bringing one to the event. (see photo above). 

Everyone here is so welcoming and it is tremendous to finally meet many individuals we have worked with remotely. 

A very special thank you to all who participated.

Your Friend in Christ,