Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Renewal of Family Prayer

April 15th Rosary with the Children
Sunday the children's Rosary Celebrated our 1 year anniversary and dedicated our upcoming year to renewal of Family prayer.  We gave out Read Aloud Children's Bibles and Bookmarks to a great many people at both our Rosary in the morning and the Divine Mercy Celebration in the afternoon.  The children's Bibles that we handed out are the same one we read in our family at night.  We read two stories per night.  After a long but exciting day at the Church we met my mother for dinner and returned home for baths and our night prayer.  When we took our Bible out Kostin, our 7 year old son, said lets get the bookmark we selected for our family earlier in the day.  Realizing that the kids were right, the whole idea was to have our bookmark in our Bible.  As we opened the Bible my husband said, "Oh we actually are done and it is time to start over".  The Lord was showing us that although we were using the same Bible we always use, tonight was beginning a renewed family prayer in our home. We had prayed for renewal of family prayer in the 169 novenas completed and the Lord made it visibly clear that he was answering this prayer. He was blessing our family along with all of our members a new time of renewed family prayer. Just as many who received their Bibles were reading their first stories we too were beginning on the first page too:  The Creation.  As we prayed for each other my son closed the night with a prayer for the Saint that chose our family: St. Dymphna.

Lord may all the members of the children's rosary experience renewal of family prayer and spread it across the globe.  Amen

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