Sunday, April 29, 2012

Novena to St. Zita

Novena to St. Zita
(Feast Day April 27th)

Patron of domestic workers and maids.  St. Zita inspire us to take pride in our daily work and do it to the best of our abilities out of Love for God.  May we find Jesus in the most menial of tasks.  May we always embrace a spirit of obedience and charity as you did. Pray for us St. Zita that we may have a generous heart that gives even when we have little.  Place a trust in Jesus deep in our heart that we may never experience despair or loss of hope. Please carry the petitions we hold in our heart to Jesus on our behalf. Amen
(1 Our Father)
St. Zita

Today the children's rosary invites St. Zita to join our group.  We humbly ask her to pray with us and for us always.  The Lord has granted St. Zita an earthy body free from decay and incorrupt.  Her body is magnificently enshrined at the Church of St. Fediano in Lucca, Italy.

Story of  St. Zita
St. Zita worked for a the Fatinelli family.  She was often in charge of the baking. One day she had to leave the kitchen to tend to a person in need.  When her employers investigated they found angels baking the bread for her. Many celebrate her feast day by baking a loaf of bread. 

St. Zita is also commonly prayed to for assistance in finding lost keys.

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