Sunday, October 21, 2018

Happy Feast of St. John Paul II

Today we have good news to share. A new Children's Rosary met for the first time today in a parish named after St. John Paul the Great. The new group met in Torrington, Connecticut USA. The group leader reported that approximately 10 families with their children attended. The new group is a mixture of English and Spanish speaking children. The group was able to alternate their prayers with decades in English and Spanish.

We also received several weeks ago a statue of St. John Paul II shown above. This was donated to the Children's Rosary. We plan to send this statue to Uganda in the next barrel that will be sent out.  We are grateful to the person who donated the statue and we are sure the children will love it.  We wish you all a very special and blessed Feast of St. John Paul II.

St. John Paul II Pray for us!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Children's Rosary in Michigan Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary!

Yesterday we received these pictures from the Children's Rosary at Holy Family Church in Novi, Michigan. They met yesterday to hold a Children's Rosary and celebrate their 1 year anniversary.
After the Rosary, they came together to celebrate with an anniversary cake. 

We thank all the groups that faithfully continue to meet in their groups. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

We Packed a Box of Rosaries and then to Our Surprise...

There are many children who are part of the Children's Rosary who have been waiting for rosaries in Pakistan. We received a request for rosaries many months ago. Due to the cost of shipping, we have been delayed in sending a box to them.
On October 13th 2018, we were able to send 450 handmade rosaries to them. After we backed the large flat rate box, we had to weigh it. To our surprise, it was exactly 13.0 pounds!  As the 13th has always held such an important significance with the apparitions in Fatima it seemed a happy surprise to see the package weighed exactly 13 pounds. 

If you would like to sponsor a package to a Children's Rosary prayer group, donations can be made out to Children's Rosary and mailed to :
PO Box 271743
West Hartford CT 06127 USA
Donations can also be made online HERE

Thank you all and may God bless you for your generosity which helps us reach more children.

Colors of the Season

Today on the walk home from our Children's Rosary at St. Thomas the Apostle a leaf happened to catch my eye on the ground. I stopped and picked it up. Then I noticed more leaves... all a bit different. The kids were carrying the pillows and all the items we had needed for the Children's Rosary. My hands were free and despite my joint disability which limits what I can lift to the lightest of items, I was able to amass a little bouquet of leaves. It was fun searching out the most colorful or unusual leaves. They were all special but together they were breathtaking. One seemed to set off another. When many bright colors had been gathered I could see we needed a simple green leaf to provide contrast. Interestingly, my attention changed after gathering leaves for a while. At first, I was drawn to the big leaves with bright colors. But as I was nearing home, I began to look for the little ones. As I looked at the leaves, I began to think of how Our Lord might view us. He made us each different. The love we offer is a unique love. If He does not have our particular love then no one can replace it. We may be a tiny quiet little soul or one that seems to get more attention from the world. But the vista would not be so remarkable if all the leaves were bright red and big. The little yellow one is needed. 

Just so, the little yellow one seem even more brilliant next to the plain green leaf. Imagine being a green leaf when those around you are red, orange and yellow. Might that leaf mistakenly feel bland and yet it is so important to the beauty that is beheld. Late fall when most of the leaves have changed colors one of the things missing are those brilliant green leaves.

Our colors are special and God would not have us all be the same. An idea that St. Therese so beautifully illustrated though a field of flowers. But the fall leaves are just another example of unique beauty God has created. 
As I gathered more leaves on the walk home, some I noticed just on their tips were brown and some had spots of disease. I discarded those at first and then I began to think more of all these leaves. I could see others that had been perfect were now dry and shriveling. 

The fall foliage has a peak. It may last a week in the fall. People come from distances to see it. One can think of each of us. Our time is short. We feel it is long but in the backdrop of history we see if it but a brief time. We are here for a reason. We want to be vibrant and without blemish. When God looks out will we add our tiny color to the landscape that brings Him joy. We do not want the world to leave a residue on us through our attachments that dulls our colors. Our time is short. 

Many joined us on a fast which ended last Sunday. One of the things we hoped and prayed for was to purify ourselves from the attachments of the world. In looking at the leaves, I could see some leaves with spots on them...a type of blight. How do we want our leaves to look? Our perfect size and color was chosen by God. But we have control through our choices to compromise that exquisite beauty we were intended to have or keep it. If we have allowed the world to darken the tips of our leaves or worse yet almost cover us entirely we have the ability to remove these blemishes. We have the incredible gift of Confession. We have the gift of fasting to help us break those difficult attachments to the world. We can in simplicity ask God to help us with those things we can't seem to do ourselves. For those of you living in climates that have a fall season, one thing is always clearly illustrated. It goes fast. Many say it is their favorite time of year. They wait all year to see those colors. Let us not waste time. We are not in winter yet! 

Saturday, October 13, 2018

A School Principal's Experience with the Children's Rosary

Recently, I was able to speak to Principal Wright about his experiences with the Children's Rosary at his school: St. Francis Xavier in Birmingham, Alabama USA. They held their first Children's Rosary in May of 2017. The school has chosen to hold their Children's Rosary each Friday at 2:30 PM. The children all meet in their respective classrooms at 2:30. Over the intercom a group of children lead and then all the children respond. They rotate who leads each week. The children taking turns at the end of each decade, placing paper flowers they have made before an image of Our Lady as a teacher asks for the fruit of that mystery. In October and May the children often come together outside for a Children's Rosary before a statue of Our Lady.
Principal Wright was able to share some of the benefits he has seen since beginning a Children's Rosary in his school.
"Our school's participation in the Children's Rosary has had a significant influence on the direction and culture of our school.  Our school has become more peaceful and focused on Jesus, as the Blessed Mother changes hearts and gently directs our desires towards greater devotion to her Son."

Principal Wright liked having the children of his school all meet at the same time to pray each week. He explained, "I feel it is very important to have the children all praying at the same time in the classrooms. They are little prayer groups and yet one unified voice together."

When asked if he thought there is a benefit to participating in an international prayer group movement compared to an individual school implementing the Rosary?
Principal Wright responded, "The Children's Rosary is unique for three reasons: the Children's Rosary's promotes children praying the rosary for themselves, it's a prayer movement that unites children together all over the world in prayer together, and it models praying the rosary with reverence, devotion, and beauty."
Twice a month a Children's Rosary in Fairbanks, Alaska USA holds their Children's Rosary at the same time as the school in Birmingham, Alabama. This has been a special experience for the children. Both groups know they are unifying prayers. 
Principal Wright also mentioned,
"One of the things I very much like about the Children’s Rosary is that it is child led. This is important because the children take the leadership role. When they go home they are comfortable leading a Rosary and can lead their family in prayer."

We are very grateful to Principal Wright for sharing his experiences. While St. Francis Xavier has their Children's Rosary weekly during the school day there is flexibility in implementing the Children's Rosary on a monthly or even daily schedule. Some schools have chosen to meet together monthly prior to a first Friday Mass for example. Some groups may not be able to meet during the school day and for them meetings before or after school are an option. We did want to share the experiences of St. Francis Xavier school as it seems to be an implementation that has worked very well. The addition of using an intercom may also not be possible in some schools but for others they may like to use it.

More and more we are trying to reach schools and introduce the Children's Rosary. To this end, we just completed a new Welcome Letter to educators. If you would like a copy to share with a school please let us know by emailing Blythe at

"When you commit to a weekly Children's Rosary during the school day, you are inviting the Blessed Mother into the life of your school.  She will not fail to gently and powerfully move your school towards a greater devotion to her Son." ~Principal Wright

"Cuando te comprometes con un Rosario de Niños seminal durante el día escolar, estás invitando a la Santísima Madre a la vida de tu escuela. Ella no dejará de mover tu escuela de manera suave y poderosa hacia una mayor devoción hacia su Hijo". ~  Señor Wright (Director de Santo Xavier Escuela)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Children's Rosary in McAllen, Texas

This past week we received this picture. It is from the Children's Rosary at Holy Spirit Church in McAllen,Texas. They created this poster at their parish to feature pictures of their Children's Rosary. The group leader shared with us that they have a special Children's Rosary planned for Saturday October 13th. It will be an international Children's Rosary. They explained they were going to try to do Our Lord's prayer in different languages: Portuguese, Filipino, Spanish, and English. She explained that later they may try to increase the number of prayers in those languages. We hope to feature in upcoming posts some of the photos shown on the poster above. It is beautiful to see glimpses from different groups and the ways they are trying to make the month of the Rosary special.

Children's Rosary resources:
How to Pray the Rosary printable flyer in English, Spanish and French.
Instructional Video on how to run your first Children's Rosary in English or Spanish.
Children's Rosary theme song
Children's Rosary full collection of books, CDs and DVD.
Children's Rosary T Shirts
Children's Rosary Christmas Cards.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary 2018

Today is a beautiful Feast, one that is very special to the Children's Rosary. We wish to celebrate and share pictures of the children. We often share pictures of boxes of Rosaries being sent out. Prayers are said and we pray that these efforts are fruitful. Today we share pictures of the result of these boxes. We see the reaction of children receiving a rosary of their own. 

Many have prayed, sacrificed and fasted. We thank you. I hope you take joy in seeing the children. The picture above is of one of our new Children's Rosary groups. It is at St. Benedict Parish llungu which is in Southern Tanzania. We had sent a large box of 500 rosaries and Children's Rosary materials including Children's Rosary books this past summer. 
Br. Peter a seminarian from the Mbeya Diocese, carried these materials to the parish which is located approximately 43 miles east of Mbeye. The region is rural and most of the economic activities are centered around potato farming. The weather is not very hot in this mountainous area which is why potatoes grow well. 

This new group has been meeting weekly on Sundays after the 8:30 AM Mass. Now during the month of October they are meeting on both Tuesday and Fridays at 4PM local time. Some of the children attending are from the Safwa Tribe. 
We also want to share pictures from one of our Children's Rosary groups celebrating their one year Anniversary today. This is our Children's Rosary in Malay Aklan, Philippines. The children had written out the words to our theme song "Rosary Children" and posted them on the wall for the children to learn and then sing.
They held a celebration today of their Anniversary, October 7th, with prayers and food. 

We thank the Children's Rosary in Malay and all the groups that continue faithfully in their meetings. This is a great gift to give to Our Lady both the new groups and the groups that continue faithfully. We imagine Our Lady smiling to see the children with Rosary in hand praying. 

May God bless you all on this Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary!

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Don't forget to unify prayers with the children during their meetings. A schedule of meetings is present on our website. By clicking "Join in Prayer" you can add your gold flashing light to our View from Heaven map.

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