Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Children's Rosary Groups Lead Palm Sunday Processions in Pakistan 2021

We received many photos from different Children's Rosary groups leading processions in Pakistan. The picture above is the Children's Rosary in Kler.

Members of the Children's Rosary from Kaka Basty are seen above in a long line leading a procession on Palm Sunday. 

The Children's Rosary did a beautiful job leading a procession from Darwshky Church on Palm Sunday.

The Children's Rosary at Mansur Wali also met on Palm Sunday.
The Children's Rosary at St. Anthony Church in Kahnky Haed also prayed and had a procession on Palm Sunday.

We thank all the children for their leadership of the people from their respective Churches in processions through the streets. 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

7,865 Rosaries sent to Nigeria this Week

This week we have sent 16 boxes of handmade rosaries to Fr. Paul Miapkwap. He is the Director of the Catechetical Training Institute in Shendam, Plateau State Nigeria. He is photographed above in the center in white; his students are in purple. The students attend the school for two years to become catechists in their parishes. Students who attend are from 9 dioceses in Nigeria: Abuja, Jos, Pankshin, Shendam, Bauchi, Jalingo, Kafanchan, Lafiya and Kano dioceses.

Last June, 65 students graduated and received training in starting Children's Rosary prayer groups in their parishes. They also received a Children's Rosary book, parish welcome packet, and some rosaries. Currently, Fr. Paul has 90 students. Each of the future catechists in the program recently received a Child Consecration book to use in their parish. Fr. Paul is also leading the Consecration with the catechists using the Child Consecration book. He explained that they have almost completed the Consecration. Fr. Paul writes, "The Consecration to Jesus through Mary following in the Spirit of St. Therese, the Little Flower is a powerful prayer that should be said by all. I personally liked the prayer because each day I say it, it renews my spirit and I discover something new. I received the same sentiments from my students."

There were requests from the Catechists that they needed more rosaries to initiate Children's Rosary prayer groups in the parishes. Additionally, the Children's Rosary group at Our Lady of Fatima School in Shendam with approximately 700 pupils was in need of rosaries for the students. The school requested rosaries for the Children's Rosary. Therefore, we have sent a large number of rosaries to respond to this growing need. We plan to continue sending boxes of rosaries. With each box we send, we take a picture of the rosaries. Below you will see the contents of box one. 

We also included a picture below of box sixteen. 

If you would like to help by making a tax deductible donation to help these efforts click HERE.

For more information about the Child Consecration book click HERE.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

St. Mary's Messenger Features Children's Rosary in its Latest Issue

 The Children's Rosary was featured in the children's magazine: St. Mary's Messenger. This is a quarterly magazine for kids ages 7-12 years old. The article is included below:

Page 1
Page 2

Page 3

For those who would like to learn more about St. Mary's Messenger Magazine, visit:
In the next issue, they plan to feature the new Child Consecration book!

Monday, March 22, 2021

Homiletic and Pastoral Review Features Child Consecration Book

An article by Bishop Keenan was recently published in the Homiletic and Pastoral Review. In the article Bishop Keenan shares his experiences leading his flock in a Consecration to Jesus through Mary using the book Child Consecration: To Jesus through Mary—Following in the Spirit of St. Thérèse, the Little Flower.

In the article Bishop Keenan shares:
"For myself, this Consecration was one of the loveliest experiences of my priesthood. Priesthood can be a lonely road at times and this Consecration has surrounded me with love from my flock. I would encourage priests, deacons, pastors and even bishops to help lead their flock in a Consecration to Jesus through Mary using this Child Consecration book. There is something of Heaven about this Consecration."

To read the full article click HERE.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

Spring Planting has Begun


Today is the first day of spring in the Northern hemisphere. We have been busy planting seeds and they have been on the warm radiators inside the house. The sun is getting stronger and one can see as soon as he seeds break through the soil they are already bending in toward the light. 

In many ways, I see this light as the love of God and the tender plants in many ways resemble our little children.  Some people have asked, when should we introduce our children to Our Lord and prayer. I see these seedlings as providing the best answer: immediately. The hearts of children are yearning to know the love of God from their first moments. I once read in a book about St. John Paul II and also saw it mentioned again at the St. John Paul II museum in Washington, that when the saint was born his mother asked that the window immediately be opened so the first sounds he heard were the voices of people singing in honor of Our Lady. 

Thus, I see great benefit to having Our Lord and Our Lady's names being praised in the space where young babies are being held such as in a nursery. Often parents have purchased our Children's Rosary CDs to play as they may be feeding their baby or the baby is resting in the crib. The CDs have young children praying the Rosary with soft music behind which is soothing to babies. It also protects the space through these prayers and surely brings fruits to have Our Lord being honored in the home. Later as the child grows and is playing in the room it still is wonderful to keep the Rosary playing. By the age of 3 we have regularly seen children praying the Rosary and even leading the Rosary in our Children's Rosary prayer groups. 

For those interested in our Children's Rosary CDs they can be purchased through EWTN Religious Catalogue HERE. The CDs are also available through EWTN in Great Britain. To purchase click HERE.

As the spring unfolds keep checking back to see how the garden turns out this year. We are full of expectation and are hoping for a bountiful harvest. 

Saturday, March 6, 2021

EWTN Premiere of Rosario de Niños


We are so excited to share with you that our Spanish Children's Rosary, Rosario de Niños, will be premiering on EWTN on March 8th. It will air Monday through Friday March 8-12. They plan to air Rosario de Niños two weeks a month alternating every other week with different programming. This project has been in development several years. The result is something absolutely beautiful. We hope that you will enjoy praying along with the children and this may help to inspire more people to begin Children's Rosary prayer groups in their Churches and schools. 

The air times will be on EWTN's Spanish Television stations:
(España-Latinoamérica) International airs M-F at 9:30 ET. To watch it LIVE online click
(Estados Unidos) Domestic airs M-F at 17:30 ET (5:30 PM ET) To watch it LIVE online click HERE.

Thank you,

For more information about Rosario de Niños visit our Spanish website

For more information about the Children's Rosary in English visit 

Friday, March 5, 2021

EWTN Estreno de Rosario de Niños


Queridos Amigos, 

Nosotros estamos muy emocionados para compartir con ustedes que nuestro Rosario de Niños en español, Rosario de Niños, se estrenará en EWTN en el 8 de marzo, 2021. Estará en el televisión el lunes hasta el viernes, el 8 hasta el 12 de marzo.  Planean poner en su canal el Rosario de Niños dos veces cada mes alternando cada dos semanas con otra programación. Este projecto ha estado en proceso por varios años. El resultado es algo absolutamente hermosa. Mucho ayuno y muchas oraciones y novenas han estado hechos para ayudar a llevar a este projecto a la luz del día.  Esperamos que disfrutarás orando junto con los niños y que esto ayudará a inspirar a más personas a empezar grupos de oración del Rosario de Niños in sus Parroquias y escuelas. Todas las oraciones estaban orados en español por niños fluentes en español. 

Tiempos de aire estarán en los estaciones de español de EWTN. 
(España-Latinoamérica) Internacional aire M-F en 9:30 AM ET 
Enlace para observar en vivo AQUÍ.
(Estados Unidos)  Domestico aire en M-F en 17:30 ET (5:30 PM ET) 
Enlace para observar en vivo AQUÍ.

Muchas gracias,

Para más información sobre el Rosario de Niños, por favor visita