Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Working Together to Help Our Families

The Month of May is often called Mary's Month.  In anticipation of May the Children's Rosary is teaming up with Holy Cross Family Ministries to reach out to families in parishes where Children's Rosary prayer groups exist.  Many Children's Rosary groups will be handing out Rosaries at the end of Masses during the Month of May.  

Servant of God
Fr. Patrick Peyton
Holy Cross Family Ministries has generously offered to donate those rosaries that the children will be handing out.  The goal of Holy Cross Family Ministries is to strengthen families around the world.  This goal is shared by the Children's Rosary and thus our collaboration on this effort is both natural and seamless.  Servant of God, Fr. Patrick Peyton, founded Holy Cross Family Ministries in the 1940s.  His timeless words "the Family that Prays together Stays Together" is as important today as the first time he uttered the phrase.

It is not too late to order Rosaries through Holy Cross Family Ministries for May.  To order Rosaries please click HERE. Rosaries are free although they do ask for shipping costs.  As part of this collaboration, between the Children's Rosary and Holy Cross Family Ministries, we ask that all those placing orders also send an email to Susan Wallace letting her know you are part of the Children's Rosary. Her email is swallace@hcfm.org

Through the Rosary our families will be strengthened in virtue and holiness. Pope Francis recommends the Rosary as  "Spiritual Medicine" which is "good for the heart".  

In a special way we turn to Our Mother in the prayer she taught us, the Holy Rosary,  and ask her motherly guidance and help in our families.

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