Saturday, April 26, 2014

Divine Mercy Sunday Event

Dear Friends,

Divine Mercy Sunday is tomorrow.  There will be a Divine Mercy Event at St. Thomas the Apostle in West Hartford, Connecticut USA from 2-4PM ET.  The Children's Rosary has been invited to lead a Rosary at the Event.  There will be a procession led by one of the priests attending with the Image of Divine Mercy.  Members of the Knights of Columbus will follow and then members of the Children's Rosary will also be invited to participate in the procession.  The image of Divine Mercy will be blessed.  The Blessed Sacrament will then be exposed for Adoration during the event.  There will be a short reflection for approximately 10 minutes to be given by one of the priests on the topic of Divine Mercy.  The children will then be invited to lead the Rosary followed by the children joining in the song "Rosary Children" composed for the Children's Rosary prayer group movement.  Jeff Batter who recorded the instrumentals for the song and the male vocals will be there to help lead the children. 

Divine Mercy Sunday 2011
Following the Rosary there will be various prayers and also the Divine Mercy Chaplet sung by Cheryl and Jeff Batter who are members of the Children's Rosary.  At the conclusion of the prayer event individuals can be blessed by a priest with a first Class relic of St. Faustina.  Confessions will also be available with three priests beginning shortly after 2 and extending until 4PM.  

All are invited to attend the whole or a portion of the planned afternoon(there is no fee associated with the event).  Mass will not be part of the prayer event but there is a Mass at 5PM at St. Thomas for anyone interested in staying to attend.  For those of you living a distance away please consider unifying prayers with the children.  The estimated time to begin the Rosary is 2:30PM ET.  We will be praying for you all.  Scott Scaria who helped plan this event is leading a pilgrimage to Rome for Divine Mercy Sunday and has brought our intention list which includes all the members of the Children's Rosary and all who help the Children's Rosary.  Scott has been a wonderful member of the Children's Rosary.  It is such a grace that he will be attending the Canonization of Pope John Paul II and Pope John XXIII and has offered to remember us in his prayers there as well.  He has humbly asked for all of our prayers as he leads two buses of pilgrims amongst 5 million other visitors.

Those children able to attend tomorrow's Divine Mercy Event at St. Thomas should arrive at 1:30 PM ET to go over the details and run through the song.  

One last beautiful blessing.  The Children's Rosary group leader from St. Bernard's Parish in Mount Lebanon, Pennsylvania has requested a Mass be offered for the Children's Rosary and all their families on Divine Mercy Sunday. 

Thank you and may you all have a Blessed Divine Mercy Sunday.

Your Friend in Christ,

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