Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Make a Cross out of Palms

Folding each palm in half
Let me begin by saying, I take no credit for anything presented here below.  This method of making a Palm into a cross was developed entirely by my 9 year old son during Mass today.  My first introduction to his handiwork was looking out from the altar where I had been lectoring during the sign of peace and from his seat he was waiving a Cross made of Palms.  His abilities were further endorsed by members of the Children's Rosary who asked for one of his crosses at the end of his Children's Rosary today.  This afternoon Kostin came down from his bedroom with a huge smile on his face and with an armful of Crosses. One he placed by a statue of Our Lady in our sun room where we say family prayer.  One he kindly gave to me and others were decorated around his room. Kostin also mentioned as he was doling out his treasures that he had spared several palms for the two boys who live next door ages 7 and 9 who were also able to make crosses. Seeing so many crosses the idea came that maybe others might want to make a cross, as the means to do so did not seem obvious to me.
Well enough about the back story lets get to making a cross.
slipping the V of one palm through the other palm

Materials needed:
Two Palms
A scissor

1. Take your palm and peal off a thin strip longitudinally from one of its sides.  Do this step again for the other palm.  Now you have the material "string" which will be used to tie the cross later in the process.
2. Take each of your two crosses and fold them in half forming a V shape
3. Once folded take one palm and slip the V of the palm through the V of the other palm.  Now it should look like a Cross. 
4. Now take the palm "string" you made and pass it under the cross and make a single tie at the center.
5. Flip the cross over and tie again with the same string. 
6. Now make a double knot . Please use force making the knot and hold it for a minute so the palm keeps the "memory" of the desired position. 
7. Cut off the ends leaving about a half of an inch tale so it does not slip out.  

Optional variation not photographed.  If the free arm end of the cross is too long or rough looking one can bend that arm in and tuck it into the side where one made the knot.  This gives a more refined look.

Extra pieces of palms Kostin suggests giving to your Church next year to be burnt for the Ashes used on Ash Wednesday. They often collect them in baskets the weekend before Palm Sunday. (Kostin also mentioned he would like to burn some of his extra materials on his birthday in our fire pit. This seemed acceptable as blessed items should be either buried or burned if one would like to get rid of them). 

Thank you all for joining us and may Our Lord bless you abundantly. Amen.

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  1. Wonderful! I believe next year (I'm bookmarking this post lol) I will introduce this method to my children who I'm sure will like it much more than my own.