Thursday, March 22, 2012

Novena to St. Tarcisius of the Holy Eucharist

Novena to St. Tarcisius of the Holy Eucharist
St. Tarcisius 
Dear St. Tarcisius you lived in a dangerous time to be a Christian.  Despite the risk, you held fast to your faith and bravely chose to defend the body of Christ present in the Eucharist at the expense of your own.  To the last moment you cherished Jesus’ gift of himself.  Intercede and pray for us that we may have courage and a deep faith.  Pray that we may never forget how precious a gift the Holy Eucharist is for us.  You who are now united with the Lord please obtain for us the petitions we are seeking. We thank you for your intercession and prayers. Amen
Say 1 Glory Be

A Story of St. Tarcisius

St. Tarcisius lived during the Roman persecutions.  He was twelve years old when he secretly set out to bring The Holy Eucharist to imprisoned Christians.  On his way to the Roman dungeons he encountered a group of Roman boys.  They demanded he give them his sack.  Tarcisius would not give up the Lord present in the Holy Eucharist.  He held tight to Him as they beat him to death.

St. Tarcisius was invited to join the Children's rosary today by one of the children from our group.

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