Monday, March 26, 2012

Novena to Bl Didacus Joseph Cadiz

Novena to Bl Didacus Joseph Cadiz
Feast Day March 26th
You were called “the apostle of the Holy Trinity” and spoke with an understanding of this mystery given to you by the Holy spirit.  A dove was often seen resting on your shoulder.  Please pray for us that we may share as you did in the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.  May all of our actions be directed according to the Will of God.
1 Glory Be

Short background of Bl Didacus Joseph Cadiz
Didacus was born on March 29th in Cadiz, Spain. He struggled in his early years to complete the academics necessary to become a priest.  He had a gift for preaching and gathered large crowds where ever he spoke.  He was devote in his prayers and practiced severe penance saying, "My sins and the sins of the people compel me to do it. Those who have been charged with the conversions of sinners must remember that the Lord has imposed on them the sins of all their clients."  When he spoke of the Love of God he often levatated.  Didacus died in 1801 and has been likened to a second St. Paul.

Bl Didacus Joseph Cadiz was invited to join the children's rosary today and this novena was begun to him.

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