Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Joys of Snow!

We just celebrated the first day of spring yesterday and today we are experiencing our forth Nor'easter in three weeks in Connecticut USA. While many are eagerly awaiting spring weather, the extra snow has brought great joy for children in the area. Recently our kids discovered sledding. During a recent snow storm, our youngest son was able to venture out for his second time sledding in his life. His excitement almost could not be contained as he bounded out of the house with his dad. Together they each carried a sled. One had the round disc the other a toboggan. Once at their destination, they found it deserted. As the storm was intensifying no one was there. They had the favorite sledding spot in our town all to themselves. The little sequence below was a sledding run that was made by Asher.  By the time they were leaving another family was arriving. The snow storm grew stronger and stronger and by the time they had walked home they were encased in snow. Their cheeks bright pink from the biting wind. But the joy was not over. There was the fun of defrosting and hanging up the wet clothes and jackets by the fire. Indeed, Our Lord shares simple pleasures with the children. 

Ready set go.....

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