Friday, March 9, 2018

Additional Ideas for Lent 2018

Stations of the Cross
Plan an evening for the children of your Children's Rosary group to lead the Stations of the Cross at your Parish. At our parish of St. Thomas for example, the Stations of the Cross are led several Fridays in Lent. For a number of years members of the Children's Rosary have helped to lead the Stations of the Cross for one of the Friday evenings during Lent. Recently, we received the picture above from one of our Children's Rosary groups in Pakistan. This was taken in 2018 while they were praying the Stations of the Cross.
One of the things we noticed while leading the Stations was that it is nice to have music to accompany the Stations of the Cross. For this reason we included the song "At the Cross Her Stations Keeping" on our Sorrowful Mysteries CD. This could be played during the Stations of the Cross. More information is available on how to order the Sorrowful CD HERE.
Consider making a donation to the Children's Rosary. There is great spiritual hunger in the world. This Lent help us to reach those souls especially the little ones. We send Rosaries and Children's Rosary materials to six continents. 
Add Your Light
Consider being a core light on our View from Heaven map. If there is a time each day you can "join in prayer" on our website and add your twinkling light this can be a way to encourage others around the world to also add their light and join in prayer. Through this we can help to illuminate the world in prayer. Email Blythe at if there is a 30 minute time each day you would like to commit to joining in prayer. We hope to have all 24 hours each day (48 slots) filled with people who will add their light to the View from Heaven map.

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