Sunday, March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday Procession in Pakistan 2018

This morning we received these pictures from the Children's Rosary in Ugu Chak Pakistan. 

People threw rose pedals as the procession moved through the streets.

The children carried palms and also carried flags with the Children's Rosary logo.

Some of the children did readings along the procession.

Other children added interesting decorations to their dress such as greens tied around their wastes. 

It is beautiful to see the Children's Rosary groups sharing the richness of their culture. 

There were many pictures to share but this one with the little boy with his head bent in prayer seemed to capture a tender moment. 

We thank the Children's Rosary in Ugu Chak for sharing these moments with us. One realizes how Our Lady and Our Lord are weaving a beautiful tapestry of prayer through the children. With Rosaries in hand, they pray and witness in a sweet and gentle way their faith to those around them.

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