Thursday, March 8, 2018

Members of the Children's Rosary Meet for a Day of Recollection in Uganda

We received a wonderful note from Fr. Jude in Uganda. 

Greeting from the members of the Children's Rosary. We are steadily growing in number! Thanks for your prayers.We held a recollection for the children from different groups. Children turned out in big numbers. This was held on the 24th and 25th of January.

Many children are willing to join. All the groups are active. St. Denis members are still active and now the members are 125! Remember these meet everyday at 6PM. 

Father Jude also shared a little about the day of recollection which was held.
I showed them a film entitled "The Life of Jesus", Adoration, recitation of the Rosary, we also had Mass, a talk about the importance of prayer and Sunday.

Members of the Children's Rosary from the main parish and 5 outposts attended the days of recollection. Fr. Jude mentioned some of the outposts are far from the parish. A day of recollection was also held for the members of the Children's Rosary at St. Denis School on February 20th.

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Don't forget to unify prayers with the children during their meetings. A schedule of meetings is present on our website. By clicking "Join in Prayer" you can add your gold flashing light to our View from Heaven map.

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