Friday, December 19, 2014

What Are They Waiting For?

At the beginning of Advent the children placed a simple sign they made in the window.  It read: Patiently Waiting.  We invited others to do the same.  Over the past three weeks it has been interesting to see what has happened.  

Recently our babysitter told us that her boyfriend, who often picks her up in the evening, wanted to know what we were waiting for.  He had seen the sign and was curious about it.  Another friend gave me a ride home from Church last week. She too wanted to know what patiently waiting meant.  Each little inquiry brings a little joy to the heart.  An excitement to know that on December 25th a new sign will be in the window one that reads: Christ is Born.  It is beautiful to imagine people walking and driving by.  Those who had seen the sign for weeks and wondered...what is this family waiting for?  

What is particularly special about the patiently waiting sign is that it is a gentle way of saying this home is in prayer. We are keeping watch with Our Blessed Mother. The Children's Rosary in many ways is in the school of Our Blessed Mother.  We want to grow in love and holiness. We wish to have her mold us in sanctity as she formed her own Son.  Through prayer and time spent with her praying the Rosary and contemplating the life of Jesus we learn these gentle ways.  This little sign(Patiently Waiting) is in keeping with Our Lady's gentleness, it is a way of witnessing through our life that which is the most important to us.

The manger stands empty in front of our Church.
The children run up and look at the empty crib.  On Christmas morning
they can't wait to be the first to check and see if baby Jesus is present. 
It is certainly not too late to put up a sign in your window.  Until the moment when Our Lord is born we are being called to draw close and ready ourselves in prayer.  To place such a sign in ones window sends a ripple out.  It is not a ripple of doom or gloom it is a ripple that brings joy to the heart.  

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