Tuesday, December 9, 2014

St. Juan Diego Pray For Us

St. Juan Diego
Feast Day December 9th
On December 9th 1531 the humble St. Juan Diego had a special meeting.  On his walk to daily Mass some 15 miles from his house he saw a beautiful women dressed as an Aztec Princess.  She identified herself as the Virgin Mary.  She made a request that a Church be built at the location of their meeting.  St. Juan shared this request of Our Lady with the Bishop but he requested proof.  Our Blessed Mother gave St. Juan such proof.  She instructed his to gather flowers which appeared to be growing on the frozen ground.  St. Juan Diego carried the flowers in his tilma to the Bishop.  When St. Juan Diego opened the tilma for the Bishop the roses fell out.  They were Castilian roses which were not found in Mexico.  The tilma was also miraculous as it had the image of Our Lady on it.  

St. Juan Diego is a beautiful witness of humility and faith.  His love of the Holy Eucharist is also inspiring.  

In a special way we pray to St. Juan Diego to intercede for us and help the Children's Rosary spread in Spanish speaking communities and countries.  

Both photographs of the mosaic paintings were taken at the Basilica of Mary Queen of the Universe in Orlando, Florida

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