Friday, December 19, 2014

Packages for Kenya

This week the children sent boxes to our 6 Children's Rosary groups in Kenya.  Each box was tenderly packed with Rosaries, handmade cards and many other goodies.

Each box contained a read aloud children's Bible for each group.  Additionally our Children's Rosary CDs and prayer books were also included with sheet music for our theme song "Rosary Children".  As we have a first class relic of St. Anne the grandmother of Jesus and St. Therese the Little Flower visiting our home each item was touched to the relic and prayers said for all those who receive them.

As the children wanted everything perfect, the assembly of these boxes took several weeks.  Other groups from around the world also joined in making cards in their Children's Rosary groups which they sent to Kenya.  Indeed as the letters and packages were mailed one could imagine the journey each would take.  In much the same way the wise men set out for their long journey.

One of the destinations of the boxes is our Children's Rosary at Our Lady of Grace Home in Meru, Kenya.  Over 190 children live in this orphanage. They hold a Children's Rosary each Monday. 
As two of my own children spent a good bit of their childhood living in an orphanage before we adopted them, they were eager to share their favorite books with the children when we realized there was a bit more room in the box.  Kostin our 10 year old son wanted them to have his favorite book on saints.  When I asked if he wanted to part with it he said emphatically, yes.  All the books were also touched to the relics before packing them away. It is a beautiful thought to imagine the children gathering around to see a package that has come from so far away.  Additionally, with other Children's Rosary groups sending Christmas cards it is our hope that the children will feel embraced by love by their friends from around the world who join them in prayer. 

Children's Rosary at
Our Lady of Grace Home
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