Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christ is Born

The Children's Rosary began a little effort this year.  At the beginning of Advent the children made a sign that said Patiently Waiting.  We invited members of the Children's Rosary and all those who heard about this effort to also put a sign in their window with the phrase Patiently Waiting.  It was a gentle way of witnessing where our hearts were during the journey toward Christmas.  It was interesting to see through the forty days the curiosity of those who passed by the sign in the window.  Some sharing their curiosity at what we were waiting for.  Today there was an excitement as we could rejoice in sharing a new little sign for our window.  The sign read simply: Christ is Born.  

We hope others will feel inspired to join our effort and put a sign in their window reading: Christ Is Born.

We hope to make this an annual tradition of the Children's Rosary to begin Advent  by placing a sign in our windows at home with the message Patiently Waiting .  Then on Christmas Day a new sign reading Christ is Born which we will keep up through Epiphany.

Thank you all and may you experience the peace and joy of Christmas in your homes. Amen.

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