Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Power of the Prayers of Grandparents

Today leaving Mass a mom came over to me.  She shared that her grandmother had just passed and she was just back from Oregon where she attended the funeral.  Her grandmother was 101 years old and had prayed the Rosary all her life.  With tears welling in her eyes she said she wanted to make the Rosary more a part of her life and her children's lives.  She asked me to help her and to encourage her and her children to come to the Children's Rosary.  This mom also coordinates the little lamb program during  the Sunday 10:30 Mass where the children ages 3-6 leave for a small portion of the Mass for explanation of the readings and Gospel.  She now feels compelled to give the children in her little lambs a Rosary and strongly encourage them to begin coming to our monthly Children's Rosary.

In Adoration after the Mass I began to think of this mom and how the faithfulness of her grandmother to the Rosary and her prayers had made a strong effect on her grown grandchild.  

The role of grandparent in the family is so important.  It is sometimes the safety net for many grandchildren who might not be exposed to the traditions of the Church.  Even in homes where families go to Mass together grandparents can build and support what is being given to children.  In these times which are so challenging to raise children, parents need all the help they can get.

One of the grandparents that leads a Children's Rosary in Louisiana shared, "I pray to our Lord that more grandparents will get involve with their grandchildren.  Me, for one, my closest granddaughter lives 1.15hr away, so I don't get to have her that much.  She was here for my birthday that happen to be (here) on the (Children's) Rosary day.  She is 9 and did beautifully.  I have a Vietnamese grandmother, may the Lord, bless her. She brings her 4 yr.old granddaughter every time.  It makes us proud.  Beautiful lady and child". 

The important role of grandparents in the Children's Rosary cannot be emphasized enough.  So many of our Children's Rosary groups were begun by grandparents some with their grandchildren living far away.  Yet they felt compelled to help other little ones. For Our Lord sees everything and provides for our family when we provide for others.

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