Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Grandmother's Experience with the Children's Rosary

"St Francis of Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica"
by Nate age 5
Recently I received a lovely note from a grandmother who has been a part of the Children's Rosary.  Her own daughter was very sick through her pregnancy and had reached out to our groups for prayers.  It was our joy to pray for her daughter and the little baby she carries.    Her note below is a beautiful example of the amazing capacity children have for prayer and love of Our Lady and her Son.  It also so wonderfully shows how grandparents can foster faith in their grandchildren through beginning a Children's Rosary.

Dearest Blythe,
Know that you and your family and Apostolate are ever in my heart and prayers.  I have begun praying the Rosary with my grandson Nate who is 5. For the very first time last week he prayed the entire Rosary with me using your booklet.  He loved the Luminous Mysteries and read them and the Thinking of portion of the prayers.  It was so beautiful and I knew we were united through the Immaculate Heart of Our Holy Mother in a very special and powerful way to all the groups. So I would like to register as a group.

Barb goes on to share a bit about her grandson Nate.
He has loved "Mama Mary" since he could talk and loves the Saints.  He is a little prayer warrior! At 5 he has composed prayers and songs to Jesus that he has typed himself, printed, and inserted in a binder. He has 42 pages so far.  He also loves to build cathedrals and basilicas dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I have included one picture but I have many(see above).  After receiving this note I asked her if Nate had a name for this Basilica he had built?  This was her response:
He wanted me to tell you the official name: St Francis of Our Lady of Guadalupe Basilica".    I knew it was important to him so I am dashing this off to you with love and prayers! Nate said to tell you "Thanks".  :)

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