Sunday, September 28, 2014

Novena of the Most Holy Rosary

Novena (September 29th-October 7th) 
The prayer below is to be said daily for 9 days.

Dear Blessed Mother Queen of the Holy Rosary,

We entreat you today to place your hand in ours and gently guide us and our families to your Son.  Through the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary may we come to imitate the ways of your Son and grow daily in the virtues.  May through this time together in prayer may we come to a deeper friendship and love with the Holy Trinity and you Our Mother.  Through this Novena of prayers we humbly place an intention before you *_______ and ask you to bring it before your Son.  Blessed Mother Mary we love you and ask that you place the Rosary spiritually around us that we and our families might be protected from evil and led on the straight path to the Kingdom which awaits us.
(Pray one Hail Mary, one Our Father and one Glory Be daily)

(As the Children's Rosary just finished a week of 9 days of prayer and fasting which yielded many blessings and gifts we would like to humbly suggest that we join together for the intention of THANKSGIVING TO OUR LORD).

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  1. A Rosary Novena is a powerful and uplifting spiritual tool. We invite everyone to join the hundreds of thousands across America from Sept 29 through Nov 21, 2014 to a

    Historic 2014 National 54 Day Rosary Novena
    Sept 29 through November 21, 2014
    What to do: Pray the rosary individually or as a family in your home or as part of your parish community; 27 days in petition followed by 27 days in thanksgiving
    Intention: “For Peace and the Family, Human Life, Marriage and Religious Freedom”
    A Message of Hope in response to the spiritual crisis in our culture and nation
    Visit the website for more information
    A Hearts United Campaign of the Rosary Evangelization Apostolate and other noteworthy partnering organizations.