Sunday, September 7, 2014

How Can Our Lord Say No to the Prayers of These Little Ones?

Today we received a wonderful gift.  Pictures from our Children's Rosary group leader from British Columbia, Canada.  She recently spent her summer with her husband, daughter and niece in Kenya.  Her mission for the trip was to help spread the Children's Rosary Prayer Group Movement throughout Kenya. In the coming weeks I wish to share some of the beautiful stories which are coming from this incredible trip.

Her first two weeks were spent with 200 orphans living in Our Lady of Grace Home for Children.  The orphanage sits close to the foot of Mount Kenya, a lush region surrounded by mountains and rolling tea plantations. 

The faith among the children in this orphanage is very strong.  Some of the children wear Rosaries around their necks every day.  Having adopted 2 children from an orphanage I am aware that most everything is communal and it does not surprise me that the children would keep on their person something as special as their Rosaries.  

After Inez met with the children and spoke to them about Our Lady and the Children's Rosary prayer group movement the children decided indeed they wanted to have a group of their own.  A Children's Rosary was Consecrated at the orphanage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In this way the group is under the protection and guidance of Christ and His Mother.  The children have chosen to meet weekly on Mondays.  

The children at Our Lady of Grace Home have such a deep faith and love of the Rosary and Our Lady that many of the children say a Rosary as they fall asleep.

In thinking about these little ones and their prayers it is easy to imagine that they float swiftly to the Throne of God.  For such prayers of these tiny ones said with such love must indeed bring down a great flood of graces for our world.

It brings much hope and joy to contemplate such prayers of our children, for how can Our Lord Say no to souls such as these?

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