Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Feast of St. Peter Claver

Children's Rosary at St. Peter Claver Church
The Church recognizes St. Peter Claver on September 9th. His story is an inspiring one.  As there is a Church within walking distance from our house named after this saint we have begun to learn more about him.  The Church itself speaks a great deal about the Saint in its architecture.  When inside the Church, there are metal beams that cross back and forth above.  Filtered light comes down from upper windows.  There is a feeling one is in the bottom of an old ship.  Indeed this is where St. Peter Claver could often be found,  ministering to the slaves aboard old ships as they arrived in port in present day Colombia. He was quoted as saying, "We must speak to them with our hands before we speak with our lips."  It is hard to imagine the conditions that he worked in and the suffering he encountered.  Yet his love and humility were so great.  He wished to be a slave of the slaves.

Over these past few years, in a special way, we prayed that a Children's Rosary would begin in a parish named after this beautiful Saint.  This prayer was answered and a group was Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary at St. Peter Claver Church in West Hartford Connecticut on October 12th 2013.   

Saint Peter Claver died on September 8th 1654 at the age of 74 and was canonized in 1888.  In a special way we thank him for his assistance and once again ask for his powerful intercession for all the members of the Children's Rosary.

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