Monday, September 8, 2014

Celebrating the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Prayers going up to Our Lady
at Our Lady of Grace Home for Children in Meru, Kenya
Over the past several days there have been notes coming in from different Children's Rosary groups around the world sharing how the children have been in a special way giving Our Lady gifts to celebrate the Feast of her Nativity.  The Children's Rosary in Lago, Nigeria shared that over the past several weeks the children were working on songs and a drama to perform in honor of Our Lady. The Children's Rosary from Naples, Florida shared that the children made a special cake for Our Lady and celebrated by eating it together after their Children's Rosary Saturday. Yet another group wrote that the children at Immaculate Conception Church in North Delta British Columbia, Canada would also be sharing a birthday cake in honor of Our Lady.

Today many groups meet from all over the world giving Our Lady an arm full of prayers on her Feast. The new Children's Rosary group at Our Lady of Grace Home for Children in Kenya also meets today with approximately 180 little ones sending up bouquets of prayers to their heavenly mother.

Indeed the special love of the children for their Heavenly Mother and the beautiful ways each chooses to share their love is most precious indeed.

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