Friday, September 19, 2014

Hear What Individuals are Saying about the Children's Rosary CDs

The following is feedback we have been receiving about the new Children's Rosary CDs which we recently released.  While we have always been hesitant to write self-promoting things there is a feeling we should also not hide the true gift Our Lady gave us.  In a way anything good that is said is not a reflection on those involved with making the CD, as such a CD could not have been made by the inexperienced crowd that indeed was part of it. What we can assure you is that a tremendous number of prayers went up that all would be as Our Lady envisioned and to say the final CDs are perfect is to say indeed the children's prayers were answered. The CDs are a gift we pray that many will enjoy and share with those dear to them. 

"Listening to the Rosary CDs blessed me in many ways and fortified me spiritually.  Can there be a more encouraging and beautiful sound than children in prayer." 
Alan Napleton 
President of the Catholic Marketing Network
Texas USA

"A Masterpiece"
Fr. Lawrence Tucker SOLT
New York USA

"The Children's Rosary with its tender beautiful prayers really has fostered a love of the Rosary in my young children."
Sandy Gasse 
Children's Rosary Group Leader
Connecticut USA

When Sandy's daughter, Marianne age 5, was asked what she thought of the Children's Rosary CDs which she has been praying along with at home and in the car she shared:
"It is God that we are talking to and the prayers go right up to Him"

"It was Angelic.  When the members of my Children's Rosary group heard the voices of the children singing, it was music to our souls.  We loved it!
Vicky Bunty 
Children's Rosary Group Leader
Pennsylvania USA

"The Cds are precious. I am sharing this information with others. Every family in America should have these".
Mary Lou Coons
Children's Rosary Group Leader
New York USA

"My kids have been listening to the CDs as they fall asleep at night." 
Sara Davis
Mother of five
Michigan USA

My 16 year old son has struggled for years saying the Rosary due to Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  He now is able to pray the Rosary daily using the Children's Rosary CDs.

To order copies of our new Children's Rosary CD's click HERE.
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