Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pure Joy Comes from the Lord

Last night a wonderful surprise.  After so many hours and weeks of prayer it was ready.  The children's version of the song Rosary Children was completed.  With little voices and almost no training the song was complete.  Their practice was not in singing but in prayer of the Rosary.  The question...would this be enough?  Our prayer was that this song would be exactly as Our Lady had envisioned.  Our youngest singer was Marianne who had had just turned 5.  At first we thought she might be too small to sing but with little curls like Shirley Temple she stepped up with a big smile happy to be included. The rest of our little singers were ages 6 to 13.  For my own part I know nothing of music and openly admit to anyone that I can't carry a tune (thankfully my role did not include singing). Yet with this group of unlikely recording artists we were on a mission to help Our Lord in any way we could.    
Members of the Children's Rosary who recorded the song: Rosary Children

With smiles the children sang their hearts out.  They did it out of love for Our Lady and her Son.  The final result....PURE JOY. Not from this tired world but rather the joy that only comes from Our Lord.  To hear the voices of small children singing in love of their Heavenly Father and with an open Heart, for a moment the pure joy of heaven dips down and the soul finds happiness.  To listen to these voices and see pictures of so many children coming together to honor and give thanks to Our Father in heaven and pray for our families and the world is a sight that lifts ones heart to places far above.  It is a gift to be treasured and nurtured.  

Today on the walk to Mass the air was biting and cold.  Yet despite my joint problems my rather awkward feet seemed to move speedily on the familiar path to Church.  A rather sleepless night could not contain the joy that almost leaped out of me.  Where did that joy come from?  It was rather strange because the joy had come after a rather long week of suffering from injury and joint pain.  Yet all the suffering seemed to melt away.  The pain was still there but not noticeable through so much happiness. 

In the song Rosary Children the children sing: 

We are Rosary Children  
with these beads we're building a world of peace and love. 
In the heart of Mary
 joy is all we carry
 so we can rise above and live in His love.  

Yes this is all true.  My prayer is that those of you reading this will find joy in this little song. May we find our little part in bringing more children to prayer. For it is through prayer and Our Lord above that we find pure joy and peace of heart.

CLICK HERE to listen to the children singing Rosary Children (the song is posted on our Spanish site as it has the capacity to host music...this site might be able to do it too but this is well above my level of understanding).  ENJOY  


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