Saturday, May 23, 2015

Come Holy Spirit

Tomorrow is the beautiful Feast of Pentecost.  In a special way we are praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all the members of the Children's Rosary.  The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks so beautifully of how important are the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit:

"The moral life of Christians is sustained by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. these are permanent dispositions which make man docile in following the promptings of the Holy Spirit." (1830 Catechism of the Catholic Church)

"The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. They belong in their fullness to Christ, Son of David. They complete and perfect the virtues of those who receive them. They make the faithful docile in readily obeying divine inspirations." (1831 Catechism of the Catholic Church)

Indeed to be docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit is to be the fertile soil Our Lord speaks of when seeds are sown along the road (Matthew 13:8, Mark 4:20) .  Children in a beautiful way are open, trusting, pure.  As children pray they too can hear the divine inspirations which as parents we hope will help to guide them in a path of holiness throughout their life.

One of the members of the Children's Rosary Brigid age 10 drew the picture above.  It is so beautiful to see children contemplating the mysteries of our faith and praying that they too may take part in them.

During this week we have many children coming together in Children's Rosary Prayer groups around the world.  Please consider joining them in prayer. The children always pray for those unifying prayers with them.  

Friday May 22
Children's Rosary at St. Mary's School in Orange TX 7:05AM CT
Children's Rosary at St. Mary's School in Pontiac IL at 9AM CT
Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Estate Lagos, Nigeria 1PM ET
Saurday May 23rd
Children's Rosary at St. Michael the Archangel Parish, held in the Kiberna slum in Langatta Nairobi Kenya 10 AM local time
Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Church in Corvallis Oregon 12PM ET
Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Estate Lagos, Nigeria 1PM ET
Children's Rosary of St. Thomas Becket Cheshire CT meeting at Nursing home at 2:30 PM ET
Children's Rosary at the Daughters of Chrarity Convent in Bridgeport CT 2:30 PM ET
Childrne's Rosary at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Talcoban City, Philippines 3PM local time.
Sunday May 24th Pentecost
Children's Rosary at Our Lady and St. Patrick Parish in Nottingham, England 9AM local time
Children's Rosasry at Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Nairobi, Kenya 6AM ET

Children's Rosary at Assumption Church in Umoja, Kenya 7AM ET
Children's Rosary at St. Paul's Parish in Negaunee, Michigan 9AM ET
Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Church in Pontiac, IL 9AM CT
Children's Rosary at St. Margaret Church in Waterbury, CT 10AM ET

Children's Rosary at St. Mary's Church in Derby, CT 11 AM ET
Children's Rosary at St. Thomas Church in Thomaston, CT 11AM ET
Children's Rosary at St. John the Evangelist in Hopkington MA 11:15 AM ET
Children's Rosary at St. Patrick's Church in Tacoma, WA 11:30 AM PT
Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Estate Lagos, Nigeria 1PM ET
Children's Rosary at the Daughters of Charity Convent in Bridgeport, CT 2:30 PM ET
Children's Rosary at St. Anthony Church in Loraine, Ohio 3PM ET in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
Monday April 25th
Children's Rosary at St. Joseph Church in Wakefield, MA 9:30 AM ET
Children's Rosary at Our Lady of Grace Hope for Children in Meru, Kenya 10 AM ET
Children's Rosary at Holy Trinity Academy in Shenandoah, PA 12:20 PM ET
Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Estate Lagos, Nigeria 1PM ET
Children's Rosary at Holy Family Church in Gladston, Michigan 4:40 PM ET
Children's Rosary at St. John the Evangelist Church in Mahopac, New York 4:30 PM ET
Tuesday April 26th

Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Estate Lagos, Nigeria 1PM ET
Children's Rosary at Holy Redeemer Parish in Menominee, Michigan 6PM ET

Wednesday April 27th
Children's Rosary at St. Keiran School in Queensland Australia 8AM local time
Children's Rosary at St. Augustine Church in Iba Esate Lagos, Nigeria 1PM ET
Children's Rosary at Immaculate Conception Church in Shelbyville, Illinois 4:30 CT
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

"With These Beads We are Building a World of Peace and Love"

This is one of the phrases in our Children's Rosary theme song: Rosary Children.  Indeed it so beautifully describes how members of the Children's Rosary around the world are helping to build a new world- one full of peace and love.  They are not doing it forcefully but rather gently through the prayer of the Rosary.  Yet to use the word gentle does not mean that their efforts are any less affective.
To see pictures of children from around the world praying one begins to see the beauty that lays before us.  The following line in the song Rosary Children goes on to say: 
"In the heart of Mary joy is all we carry".  

Indeed children bring joy. From the tiniest little one looking up at you to your own child kneeling in prayer.  A joy comes from seeing children.  They are authentic.  Even Pope Francis describes in his general audience on March 18th 2015, "children smile spontaneously and cry spontaneously. It always depends on the heart."
As we approach Pentecost news seems to be coming from all around the world.  New Children's Rosary groups sprouting  in all corners of the globe.  Children's Rosary materials are being translated into more and more languages so no child is excluded.  Last night news comes that work is underway to complete a braille translation of our Children's Rosary book and already there is a blind women in need of these materials.  She would like to begin a Children's Rosary prayer group in her parish.

Whether we have physical sight or not there is an appreciation for the beauty that bringing our children together in prayer creates.  To speak last night with this lovely women who felt so strongly of the importance of bringing our children together in prayer in this way.  She has never seen the pictures of the children kneeling in prayer as she is blind but in her heart she speaks of the beauty.  She did not see her inability to see as a barrier to beginning a group, instead she spoke of all she could do and the excitement to reach out to her pastor and share news of the Children's Rosary.   

More and more people are reaching out from towns and cities in distant places.  
Universally there is a thirst for the joy of children. Their is an appreciation of how important these prayer groups are in the lives of the children and the Church Universal.    To have children kneeling in prayer draws down a river of grace that flows not only into the hearts of the children but also continues on into their families, parishes, and towns.  As more children are finding this support in their prayer lives and growing in the love of Our Lord more and more rivers are created.  They continue until they find other rivers and the current becomes stronger.  This river that is now moving swiftly carries the voices of children praying and is creating a ripple of hope and joy moving outward.  To see our future, the children, coming together in prayer in all these sometimes tiny little Children's Rosary prayer groups one begins to see the springtime ahead of us.  
Thank you all and God Bless.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A New Way to View Our Brokenness

There is a rather old story.  It involves a broken pitcher. Each day the pitcher was used to draw water at a well and was carried home.  Yet by the time it reached the house it was half empty.  Feeling very inadequate one day the pitcher spoke.  It apologized for being so inadequate and useless.  The man holding the pitcher knew the pitcher was broken but had a surprising response.  He brought the pitcher back along the path they had walked each day.  Along the side of the road where the broken pitcher had hung, there were flowers and vegetables that grew thanks to the water that fell from the pitcher.  On the other side of the road it was dry and bare.  The man explained that he knew of the cracks and defects in the pitcher but without such flaws such beauty would not have resulted as well as food for his family.

The discovery of this story in itself is a story.  Several weeks ago my son had brought a paper bag to the kitchen table where I was in the middle of eating or working but otherwise occupied.  Several times he asked me to read a story that was written on the bag.  Several times I had told him I would read it later.  That time unfortunately did not come.  Then this past Sunday he and I attended a Mother-Son retreat.  Having a defect of my own that involves a disability with my hands I can not carry a purse so the things we needed for the day were placed in a brown bag which my son carried.  When we got to the retreat we met one of the priests there.  To my surprise the first thing my son asked the priest was to read the brown bag he carried. The bag was something we received by chance to carry food from a store.  I still did not know what was on the bag.  Feeling a bit embarrassed that he should ask the priest to read something that appeared long I tried to discourage my son from persisting in having him read it. Several other mothers came over and I lost track of the situation.  A short time later at Mass the priest was speaking about Motherhood and how so often we come to this broken and feeling inadequate.  This resonated in my heart as this is often how I feel.  He mentioned the story of the broken pitcher.  The priest when on to share that even though we come to parenthood with faults it is okay, the Lord can work through these and still bring beautiful fruits.  The priest said our children see our faults and that is okay.  As he was speaking I looked over to one of the mothers, she is one of our Children's Rosary group leaders in another town.  I saw a tear roll down her face.  I too was moved in a very deep way as I was at the retreat hoping to grow in love toward all my children. After the Mass the priest approached both my son and I. He thanked my son for saving his homily.  I did not know what he meant.  He shared that the homily had come from the brown bag I had so many times passed over.  I began to think about my son.  One whom I was hoping to reach out to through the retreat.  A bright light began to shine in my heart.  The fact that my son had seen the story and wanted me to read it meant that he understood my faults and he was accepting me and then as I thought more I realized maybe it was also his way of  saying his cracks are there for a reason, too.  

Life is an interesting journey.  May I humbly share the first time I saw my son is in the picture to the right. He was 4 years old and the picture was taken shortly before we adopted him. We also adopted his biological sister from an orphanage in Kazakhstan.  In one day we went from having a one year old child at home to having three children ages 8, 4 and one.  In many ways we have stumbled along the journey in our parenting role but somehow this little story made me feel a lot better about all my own flaws and more accepting of those I encounter in my children. In the recent weeks I happened on this early picture.  It brought back wonderful memories from the first time we saw our little son who only spoke Russian at the time.  

Reflecting on the story, I am beginning to re-evaluate times when I feel I am a dissappointment to my children.  I would humbly invite others feeling less than they could be to to look at the broken vase above and all that lays beneath.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Relevo Anual del Rosario Global

Eventos en que el Rosario de Niños participa este año
Relevo del Rosario Global para Sacerdotes

Hace varios meses el Rosario de Niños recibió la hermosa invitación de Marion Mulhall, la fundadora de Worldpriest. Esta organización tiene como objetivo apoyar y promover la santificación de los sacerdotes. La invitación es para participar en el Relevo del Rosario Global para Sacerdotes de este año. El Relevo del Rosario Global se celebra el 12 de Junio del 2015, el cual es el Día Mundial de Oración por los Sacerdotes y la Fiesta del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús. Empezando en Siberia, cada 15 a 30 minutos, un rosario es liderado por un santuario diferente para la santificación de los sacerdotes. Más de 100 santuarios de 50 países estarán participando. Incluso el Papa Francisco se ha tomado el tiempo y estará orando en el Vaticano. Él también ha concedido una bendición apostólica a los que participan ese día en el Relevo del Rosario Global. 

Este año los miembros del Rosario de Niños han sido llamados a participar en este día de oración por los sacerdotes con oraciones unificadores al igual que aquellos llamados en los santuarios alrededor del mundo. Los rosarios serán dichos sucesivamente uno tras otro, algunas veces con una hermosa coincidencia; los niños pueden revisar el horario y elegir cuándo ellos desean unirse en oración. Algunos de nuestros grupos de Rosario de Niños, como los de la parroquia de St. Thomas en Cheshire, Connecticut EE. UU y la parroquia de St. Augustine en Lagos, Nigeria, se encontrarán como un solo grupo y unificarán sus oraciones con los santuarios. De hecho, es nuestra esperanza que los niños sean una parte integral para el Relevo del Rosario Global para Sacerdotes de este año. Incluso, algunos de los miembros del Rosario de Niños han escrito expresando su entusiasmo al ser parte de algo de tan largo alcance para ayudar a sus pastores. 

"¡No hay palabras para describirlo! Maravilloso. ¡Genial!" (Marianne. Miembro del Rosario de Niños en Waterbury, Connecticut, EE. UU. 6 años de edad) 

"Es un honor el ser solicitado para orar por nuestros sacerdotes. Quiero agradecer a los sacerdotes por dar sus vidas para servir a Dios y a Su iglesia." (Grace Angel. Miembro del Rosario de Niños en Naples, Florida, EE. UU. 12 años de edad) 

Queremos agradecer humildemente a Maria Mulhall por su hermosa invitación al Rosario de Niños para participar en el Relevo Anual del Rosario Global para Sacerdotes. Hay más información disponible sobre el próximo Relevo del Rosario Global: AQUÍ.

Por favor, considere visitar nuestro sitio web del Rosario de Niños en español Para información de cómo empezar un grupo de Rosario de Niños en su parroquia: AQUÍ

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Saturday, May 16, 2015

First Children's Rosary in the Philippines!

Today May 16th at 3PM local time in the Philippines the first official Children's Rosary group was held.  This new group met at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Fatima Village Tacloban City, Philippines.  The new group began by being Consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary.  In this way the group is under the protection and guidance of Christ and His Mother.  
Members of the Children's Rosary placing flowers
at the foot of a statue of Our Blessed Mother
Sixty-five children were present for the first meeting.  The children knelt for the Rosary taking turns leading.  Several children were able to place flowers before Our Lady in between decades.  Indeed it was a beautiful moment.  It is particularly special that this new group formed in a parish named after Our Lady of Fatima as this week we celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima on May 13th.  Indeed this new group is a very special blessing.  
A special thank you to a great many people who helped in the formation of this new group.  As this is our first Children's Rosary group in the Philippines it came through the work of many hands.  A special thank you to Charina Van who helped to bring these children together.  These children are all survivors of the horrible typhoon that killed a great many people in their community.  In addition Lolita and others locally in the Philippines are helping to arrange these regular meetings.  
Thank you to Joan Alix and Ken Corcoran for sending materials for the children.  In a special way we thank Xenia Maye who traveled to the Philippines from the United States representing the Children's Rosary and bringing materials to communities throughout the Philippines and Asia.  Several weeks ago she was able to communicate with this local group and also arrange to have a friend, Gloria, visit them and share information and materials.  Indeed this new group is the fruits of great sacrifice and many prayers from all our members especially the children who meet in our groups throughout the world.  As more and more groups form we are all blanketed in more and more prayers.  As such prayers are multiplied one can imagine Our Blessed Mother humbly presenting them to her Son.  It is a wonderful thought to contemplate the joy in heaven from so many prayers of children.  

One also becomes hopeful to see the future of Our Church: the children.  As they meet together in prayer with rosaries in hand, one sees them growing in faith and holiness under the watchful eye of their Blessed Mother.

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Thursday, May 14, 2015


"May the eyes of your hearts be enlightened, that you may know what is the hope that belongs to His call"(EPH 1:18)

This was from the second reading today on the Feast of the Ascension.  Some areas of the world transfer the celebration of this Feast to Sunday but here in th Archdiocese of Hartford USA we celebrated it today. 

Many times in prayerful reflection I have thought if I could use only one word to describe the Children's Rosary what would it be.  Repeatedly the same answer comes: Hope.  Indeed to see children coming together in prayer with a simplicity of heart and a tender innocence one begins to see beauty and the many possibilities that lay before us.  Pope Francis recently in his March 18th 2015 address spoke of the beautiful way children come to Our Lord.  "They bring their way of seeing reality, with a trusting and pure gaze.  Furthermore, children -in their interior simplicity- bring with them the capacity to receive and give tenderness". Pope Francis goes on to share, "God has no difficulty making Himself understood by children, and children have no difficulty in understanding God".  

Yes, to see little ones listening "to His call" and coming together in prayer of the Rosary it is hard to hold back the feeling of hope.  In many ways the Children's Rosary flies in the face of all the violence one sees in our world.  To see little ones kneeling and praying with their trusting open hearts it is hard to not think that Our Lord and Our Heavenly Mother are smiling upon us.

Yes today on the Feast of the Ascension may we celebrate Hope and celebrate all we have been given.  As the lyrics of the Children's Rosary theme song "Rosary Children" go: 
Jesus waits for those who pray; 
Every day He calls your name 
Listen to His voice! 
There's no time left to lose; 
You can choose to love right now 
Listen to His voice!

For those still feeling a bit down I encourage you to watch the children singing "Rosary Children".

Monday, May 11, 2015

Children's Rosary to Participate in this Years Global Rosary Relay for Priests

Jack and Abigail

Several months ago the Children’s Rosary received a beautiful invitation from Marion Mulhall the founder of Worldpriest.  This organization seeks to support and promote the sanctification of priests.  The invitation was to participate in this year’s Global Rosary Relay for Priests. The Global Rosary Relay is held on June 12th 2015 which is the World Day of Prayer for Priests and the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Beginning in Siberia every 15 to 30 minutes a Rosary is led at a different shrine for the sanctification of priests. Over 80 shrines will be participating from 46 countries.  Pope Francis has even taken a time slot and will be praying as well in the Vatican. He has also granted an Apostolic Blessing to those that participate in the Global Rosary Relay that day.

This year members of the Children’s Rosary have been asked to participate in this day of prayer for priests by unifying prayers with those being said in the shrines across the globe.  As rosaries will be said in succession one after the other, sometimes with beautiful overlap, the children can review the schedule and choose when they would like to join in with prayer.  Some of our Children’s Rosary groups such as those at St. Thomas Becket Parish in Cheshire Connecticut USA and St. Augustine Parish Lagos Nigeria will be meeting as a group and unifying prayers with the Shrines.  Indeed it is our hope that children will be an integral part of this years Global Rosary Relay for Priests.  Some of the members of the Children’s Rosary have even written about their enthusiasm to be a part of something so far reaching which helps their shepherds.

Jack age 8 from our Children's Rosary at
St. Mary's Church in Pine Bluff Wisconsin
We would like to humbly thank Marion Mulhall for her beautiful invitation to the Children’s Rosary to participate in this years Global Rosary Relay for Priests.  More information is available about the upcoming Global Rosary Relay: