Sunday, December 10, 2017

Beauty, Beauty Everywhere!

These are some images from our walk to Mass and the Children's Rosary at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish this morning in Connecticut USA. Snow fell yesterday and left a clean white cover over everything. 

We were out the door early and saw the sun rise as we walked. It was breathtaking. We were hurrying along as the snow makes things a bit slippery and we did not want to be late. 
But we had more time to take a few more pictures on the way home. This star caught my attention but Alina liked the Christmas tree with dollops of snow on each branch.
There is nothing like a fresh snowfall. Yesterday, I was speaking with a friend who was able to see snow falling for the first time. She is from Colombia. She was speaking to me in Spanish as she entered our back door... her face beaming. I could not understand everything she said but she used words that seemed to reference the Divine. Indeed, to see the beauty around us is to see the hand of God in our lives. 
This beauty was Divinely made for us and so there is much to take joy in. Gratitude wells in my heart after a morning with the children at the Children's Rosary, Mass and the beauty of the snow. 

Yesterday, I tried in my poor Spanish to share with our friend that even after seeing snow many times it stills brings a feeling of wonder and amazement. There is also something else that snow slows everyone down and brings family home together. It also brings fun for the kids. Kostin just headed outside. He shared an idea he had on our walk back from the Church. The priest in his homily spoke of seeing a cave in Bethlehem on a recent trip to Israel. One similar possibly to the one Our Lord was born in. He gave us a vivid mental picture of this cave. Well Kostin was thinking about the cave and proclaimed during the walk that he was going to make a cave out of snow and the people inside out of snow, too. Not sure how that will work but stay tuned for pictures. 

This last picture at the bottom was the view from our back door as we set out this morning...sun just peeking on the horizon and the sky with hints of blue and purple. Yes there is beauty, beauty everywhere!
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