Saturday, October 8, 2016

When The Impossible Becomes Possible

This is a picture from the Children's Rosary meeting at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Waterbury, CT from last Saturday.  A day before the meeting it seemed none of the four children that appear in the picture would be at the meeting.  The two children on the left are part of the family that helped begin the Children's Rosary at the Immaculate some three years ago. Last spring they began spending more time in Steubenville, Ohio. 

For many reasons the former group leader and her family wanted to attend the Children's Rosary at the Immaculate as a gift to Our Lady.  This being the month of the Rosary, there was an extra special pull to come back.  Yet the trip is a long one - 8 hours by car.  As the date of the Children's Rosary approached - October 1st 2016 a host of things seemed to be going wrong that prevented this family from coming back to CT for the Children's Rosary.  Yet through so many trials hope was not lost.  Even the night before the Children's Rosary a clear way was not seen.  Prayer continued that such a way would open. At the very last moment a few pieces clicked into place that allowed the burdens that had come down on this family to be lifted enough to take a chance.  Their mom shared with me that setting off at 7:30 AM for the 4PM Children's Rosary seemed too tight.  She worried about traffic and the need of her children for frequent stops.  Yet the children seemed to settle in beautifully and her youngest unexpectedly slept most of the way.  Traffic turned out to not be an issue despite considerable construction on the roadways.  Their mom described beautifully how her periodic checks of the time seemed to shock her as the miles seemed to be going by so fast.

Indeed it seemed they were being carried along in record speed.  They arrived in Waterbury in only 7 and a half hours.  They were overjoyed.  Many might cringe to think of a trip so long for a Children's Rosary yet when hearts are moved to give the gift of prayer and sacrifice to Our Lady and her Son such time and distance melts away.  Their early arrival meant they could purchase flowers for the  children to give to Our Lady during the Children's Rosary. There was also time for the children to get cleaned up and arrive with plenty of time for the Children's Rosary.  Upon arriving they were surprised by old friends who had also made a long drive from New York to attend. 

The photo that they sent from the Children's Rosary is included above.  It has almost a mystical appearance to it. The gold glow behind the children seems almost a glimpse into Heaven. The little girl on the right also appears to have a hallo around her head - a providential accident by standing in front of her sister's sweater.  Indeed who could deny the beauty of such a sight: four children who had sacrificed so much in the hope of giving a special gift of prayers to their Heavenly Mother.  

Many, many thanks to these children and families that came and those that helped in allowing them to be there.  A very special thank you to Our Lord and His Mother for taking care of every detail that allowed the impossible to become possible.

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  1. We both moved to Ohio! A very special family indeed. Thank you for the picture and the story! Miss you all.