Sunday, December 24, 2017

A Coating of Ice

Yesterday we woke to a beautiful scene. Everything was coated with a layer of ice. As we ready our hearts for the birth of Jesus we see Nature showing us great beauty. All three of my children took pictures of the trees encased with ice. Our trip to Confession and Mass last night allowed us to see even more of what Our Lord had created with the layer of ice. It seemed as we looked at the glistening trees that everything was like crystal. All had been made clean and new. 

As the sun set the light played on the ice and created wonderful effects. As I sat in Church, I marveled at God's creation and the beauty that He shares with us. May we give thanks to God for the graces He is giving us and keep our hearts close to prayer in this special time.

We hope to see your twinkling light these days on our View from Heaven map. Let our light create beauty as a gift to the Baby Jesus.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Wishing all members of the Children's Rosary a blessed Christmas.