Sunday, December 17, 2017

Patiently Waiting in West Hartford, Connecticut USA!

This Advent members of the Children's Rosary have been drawing attention to the meaning of the season by putting signs at their homes reading: Patiently Waiting. This is to show where their hearts can be found as we wait for Christmas. Normally these signs are put in one's window but a recent snowfall brought some creativity. A snowman was made. There was some sacrifice involved with making this snowman. A 13 year old boy gave up two chocolate chip cookies from his lunch to serve as the snowman's eyes. A carrot for a nose and a line of cherry tomatoes were used for the mouth.The snowman was donned with a hat made out of a bucket and a rosary hung from his arm. The sign Patiently Waiting perched on top of his thin arms. This masterpiece would not stand long as some friends we have told you about in the past made an appearance...and they were hungry. As we finished our lunch, sans cookies for Konstantin, the discovery was made that a set of squirrels had not only made off with the cookies and tomatoes but also toppled the snowman. The adversity seemed to stoke the resolution of the 13 year old artist, for he set to work immediately on making a bigger snowman without any edible parts. The result is shown below.
Please consider joining the children in their Patiently Waiting Campaign by putting a sign in your window that reads: Patiently Waiting. Email us a picture at and we will try to feature these here. Thank you!

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