Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Journey to Bring the Baby Jesus to the Children

On the evening of the Feast of the Holy Family, Tran set out on bicycle to bring the baby Jesus to the children in Suoi Sao orphanage. The distance was far but he wanted to bring the Baby Jesus to them. He knew they would be gathering soon for their Children's Rosary at 7PM local time as they do each evening. 
It was already dark and much of the road was rough and bumpy.  The children did not know Tran was coming. But they had many lights set up to decorate their orphanage for Christmas.  To their surprise Tran arrived with the baby Jesus. 

The Baby had made the trip safely placed in hay in a basket.  Quickly candles were set up to lead to the place where they laid Him. 
The children took turns coming to tuck their intentions on slips of paper under the Baby Jesus. 
They knelt in prayer of the Rosary as they do each night in their Children's Rosary prayer group. Though tonight was special. They were all gathered around Our Lord. There was a special icon of the Holy Family near them.  In the dark they prayed. The children brought roses to place before the Baby Jesus. 
Then each received several prayer cards as gifts. These had been sent in the box carrying the Baby Jesus. None knew that Our Lord had arrived with considerable damage.  All had been healed and put back together. Tran's grandmother was very kind to take a piece of cloth and sew a little outfit for the Baby Jesus that concealed all the cracks from when he lay in pieces.  Indeed to the children He was perfect. They took turns kissing him as he lay on his bed of hay. 
Some of the girls scooped him up and held Him...smiling as you see this little one doing. 
What joy must be in the heart of Our Lord to see such innocent little children tenderly caring for him. Treasuring the special time on the beautiful Feast of the Holy Family.  These children have no parents they are orphans.  Tran shares that for these children Our Blessed Mother is the mother they do not have now. So for them She is so very important to them. Their love is growing always stronger as they continue to pray.  Tran wishes the children could have parents here but through prayer they find love.

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