Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Join Us in Remembering Fr. Andrew Apostoli on Wednesday December 20th from 10-11AM EST

Fr. Andrew Apostoli CFR died on December 13th. His funeral will be held on Wednesday December 20th at 10 AM EST at Saint Casimir Catholic Church in Yonkers, New York. As many of us may wish to go to his funeral, many may not be able to attend. I would like to extend a humbly invitation to unify prayers on Wednesday between 10AM and 11AM EST(10 CST) and add your light to our View from Heaven map. Please visit www.childrensrosary.org and click "join in prayer". Your light will twinkle on the map for 30 minutes. If you would like to add your light for an additional 30 minutes then click the button again to continue to unify prayers. You will also be able to see the lights of others unifying prayers from around the world. In this way, despite the fact that many live at a great distance from New York, we can all join together to remember Fr. Apostoli. He was a priest who spent his life in service of the Church and promotion of the Rosary and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Fr. Apostoli also served on our Children's Rosary Advisory Board since 2014. He did a great deal to help spread the Children's Rosary and we are most grateful to him. This is a little glimpse into an interview he did to help spread the Children's Rosary. The Children's Rosary was very small at that point and his support was extremely helpful. 

Hope to see your light tomorrow!

God bless you all.

For those who would like all the details of his funeral arrangement click HERE.

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