Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Gathering Flowers for Our Lady and the Baby Jesus

On Saturday December 31st the children at Bac Hoa orphanage held a special Children's Rosary. Tran had brought the Baby Jesus who only the prior evening visited the children in Suoi Sao orphanage.  

I also had an unexpected surprise. Tran was able to call me via his phone to my computer and I was able to see the children in the orphanage. They could see me, too!  

The children gave me a tour of the orphanage and ended at their little chapel.  A first class relic of Mother Teresa was in the chapel.  Tran (pictured below with two of the children) took considerable effort to make everything very special. He arranged candles in a heart shape and carefully set the baby Jesus down on the hay. The children invited my daughter and I to pray with them.  Holding our Rosaries we all began praying. Although I do not speak Vietnamese I could easily follow along because as each decade was completed a child would bring roses to place before the Baby Jesus.  One child I noticed approached with great difficulty.  

Tran would later explain that this child was partially paralyzed.  She has lived at the orphanage for 9 years.  Before the Children's Rosary she had gone out in the morning to gather flowers for Our Lady. Thinking of this sweet girl who through great cost to herself must have labored to go out and pick the flowers. She may even have needed help from someone else to aid her in walking to where she could pick the flower. Yet she did all this in anticipation of meeting Our Lady.  To her surprise, Tran was able to bring the Baby Jesus and the flowers could be given to Jesus as well. One can imagine that such flowers given to Our Lady and the Baby Jesus must bring great joy in Heaven for such was done with great effort and love.

The children ended the meeting by singing a Marian hymn they had learned in English. Together we all sang Ave Ave Ave Maria.....

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