Saturday, January 28, 2017

Meet the New Children's Rosary in Bata Younas, Pakistan

We received some wonderful news. A new Children's Rosary has formed in Bata Younas, Pakistan.  Their first meeting was held on January 10th 2017. After praying the Rosary in their new prayer group the children also enjoyed some food together. It is beautiful to see more and more children coming together in prayer groups around the world. We welcome the children of Bata Younas to the Children's Rosary!

Please consider joining the children in prayer.  Over the next 24 hours 23 Children's Rosary groups will be meeting. A full schedule of meetings is present on our Children's Rosary website. All meetings are listed in your local time zone. Please also see our View from Heaven map on our Children's Rosary website.  Groups are shown as blue flashing lights when they are meeting. Consider joining the children in prayer by hitting the "join in prayer" button. The children pray for all those unifying prayers with them. By hitting the button you will also add your gold blinking light to the map!

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