Thursday, October 6, 2016

A Window to the World Through Prayer

Good news the package sent to Tran and the two new Children's Rosary groups in Vietnam arrived!  In the evening Tran brought the rosaries and brought the Statue of Our Lady to accompany him for the visit.  The statue was one we had sent some time ago for the groups.  

Tran wrote, "the children there are happy and the kids are free to choose a rosary that they love."  He included some pictures, one of two children looking very carefully at pictures of some of the other Children's Rosary groups around the world.  As children are known to do, they seem to be studying every detail of each picture, flipping from one picture to the next.  One picture that the children settled on shows one of the children from the United States with rosaries all around him as he gathers them together to send out in the mail.  

I began to wonder what was going through the minds and hearts of these little ones as they looked at the pictures. In prayer I began to imagine these little ones who may wonder what is outside their orphanage in other parts of the world.  This orphanage has no Internet so there would be no looking at computers.  Instead, these pictures are their window to know what is out in the world.  Might Our Lady smile, to see the window to the world was one that showed them prayer.

Tran explained that as he was leaving with the statue of Our Lady of Fatima, the children asked to say goodbye to Mary.  

The children also asked if they could kiss her. Tran writes, "the children have embraced Mary with all [their] hearts." 
Indeed, I hope these pictures are a window for other children looking at them of the love and prayer that is growing in children around the world.

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