Thursday, January 5, 2017

12th Day of Christmas!

May I share a little Christmas story.  Several of the Children's Rosary groups in West Hartford, Connecticut USA heard that there was a Children's Rosary group meeting in a Church in Pakistan without walls or ceiling. The children were very cold during their meetings and most did not even have socks or shoes.  
They hoped to receive something to keep them warm.  Their little Christmas wish was heard.  Two Children's Rosary groups came together to help them.  Hats, socks and gloves were sent along with a few sweaters.  Two of the three boxes arrived in time for Christmas.(Another one is still on its way...please say a prayer it gets there soon). 

On Christmas eve pictures came of the children receiving the warm clothes. A few are included here.

The top picture is of one of the boys in the Children's Rosary group receiving socks.  The second picture is of a mother with her baby receiving a warm hat for her baby.  

The story does not end there.  A few days after receiving these pictures more came.  Babu Chand shared that after receiving the gifts from the children in Connecticut he was impressed and felt moved to do what he could to help even more of those in need within the Children's Rosary in his area.  

He was able to purchase shawls for a number of the mothers in the Children's Rosary groups that have been widowed. He went door to door to give the gifts. Some of the pictures below show them receiving the beautiful shawls. 

A special thank you to all the children and members of the Children's Rosary who have been so generous.  These acts of love send a ripple into the world.  It is a ripple of kindness that once started is hard to stop as is seen here. 

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