Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Children Reach Out To a Leper Community

St. Francis of Assisi Chapel
Today Tran sent news from Vietnam that on behalf of the children he traveled with a team to visit people with leprosy. Below are his reflections from the day. When possible his direct words are included with small corrections as Tran speaks Vietnamese and the translation is not always perfect. There was such beauty in his words that many times when corrections in sentence structure could be made I chose not to as the spirit of his words is better then I could ever duplicate. 

Because this place is quit far away all the children could not come for such a visit.  But the children stayed at home and prayed for me. In the evening before the trip the children from all three Children's Rosary groups donated food.  They asked me to share with the poor lepers this. All children gave me everything they had such as milk, biscuits, noodles...I am very happy with that.

Tran also shared that this leper community is very poor and abandoned by society.  Tran and his team gave them a little food and prayed a Rosary with them at St. Francis of Assisi Chapel. Tran brought his guitar to provide music and helped lead the Rosary.  He also brought two relics one of St. Teresa of Calcutta and St. Maria Baouardy.

The children also shared the rosaries we had sent them.  Tran writes:
In the morning I gave the lepers rosaries. They loved them and promised daily Rosary. They also asked me to send thank you from their hearts.

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  1. JMJ
    Dear Blythe,
    Do you know where in Vietnam they are at? If it is close to Ho Chi Minh City, the Servants of Charity are there. They too could help.
    In Christ,
    Kelly Flaherty
    Guanellian Cooperator