Monday, January 9, 2017

Epiphany Sunday in Kenya!

Yesterday we received these beautiful pictures from two Children's Rosary groups in Kenya. They held their Children's Rosary meetings yesterday on Epiphany Sunday. The group above is the Children's Rosary from Holy Family Church Entarara, Kenya. 

The picture below is from the Children's Rosary at St. Charles Lwanga Parish in Rombo, Kenya. The group in Rombo had some new members who attended this weekend and they each were given Rosaries. In honor of the Feast of the Epiphany several books we had sent were given to this group. Two read aloud Children's Bible were given to the children. In addition two books that were graciously donated to the Children's Rosary were presented to the children.  One was called "Gifts from Our Father" and the other "Counting on Faith". A special thank you to the authors for donating these books.

Please consider joining the children in prayer.  The Children's Rosary in Entarara meets each Sunday at 3PM local time. The Children's Rosary in Rombo meets each Sunday at 2PM local time. You can see a schedule of upcoming meetings in your local time zone on our new Children's Rosary website.  You can also see the children meeting in prayer as a blue flashing light on our View from Heaven map.  By clicking "join in prayer" you can add your gold light to the map as well. We have asked the groups to pray for those unifying prayers with them!

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