Sunday, April 21, 2013

Aydan's Last Day

Last night at 8:30 PM Aydan Nyberg age 8 passed away.  Few know how he spent those last hours but so many have written to me since his passing that during Aydan's final hours here on earth he was very present in their hearts.  

Yesterday afternoon I received a note from a young boy who has been involved with the Children's Rosary.  He was inquiring about little Aydan's condition and was praying for him.  Last night I felt an urge to sit down and write back to this boy regarding Aydan.  I shared with him that Aydan's condition was deteriorating and thanked him for his ongoing prayers.  Just as I hit send on the message there waiting was the news of Aydan's passing.  Later I received notes from other members of the Children's Rosary.  One mom said after the Saturday evening Mass she felt called to say a Divine Mercy Chaplet for Aydan.  Another mom and group leader of a Children's Rosary wrote that last night she was at a first Communion event and began speaking with a friend.  Her friend had lost a child to cancer.  The conversation then turned to Aydan for whom they both were praying.  Later they would realize their conversation was almost the exact minute of his passing.  These little testimonies witness to how special little Aydan was to all of us and to Our Lord.  Another beautiful sentiment that has been shared is the feeling that little Aydan will be a powerful intercessor for all of us and in a special way for the Children's Rosary.  Thank you little Aydan for your brave battle on earth, you were a bright spark of light and courage for us all.  We hope that you will remember us here on earth and pray for us that we may carry our crosses as patiently and lovingly as you did. Amen.

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  1. I've been so heartbroken since I learned about Aydan. He will always be in my heart and mind. Aydan is now a little boy once again. No hospitals, No doctors, No Surgery. Right now he's laughing and playing with his new friends and catching up with family members. Aydan may not be here on earth, but the Nybergs have a guardian angel over them.