Saturday, April 20, 2013

Under the Watchful Eye of Our Blessed Mother

Last weekend members of the Children's Rosary gathered to lead a Rosary at the Little Audrey Santo Eucharistic and Prolife Conference.  One of the speakers sent me some of the photos he took during the Rosary.  I was struck by the images he sent.  So often I have imagined Our Blessed Mother looking down upon these children as they lead the prayers of the Rosary. These pictures seemed to capture the tenderness of Our Lady and love for these little ones who have come to join her in prayer.  With so much violence in our world today it is a comfort to know that our children are under the watchful eye of Our Blessed Mother.  Those who love her and spend time with her in prayer of the Holy Rosary receive special graces and protection.  

She is able to keep these children close to her, always moving them toward her Son who is Prince of Peace and full of Mercy.

The children take turns bringing roses before Our Lady as they finish praying each decade.  As they place the roses before her they are asking for the fruits of each mystery of the Rosary.  It is an awesome thought how one can grow in holiness through prayer of the Rosary.  With each decade graces are poured down such as humility, courage, purity, and love of God.  So often a parent wonders how to instill good values in their children. The beauty of the Rosary is that Our Lady helps us raise our children in faith and fullness in virtue.  Our Blessed Mother takes these precious moments in prayer to share the life of her Son with our little ones.  She takes them by the hand and opens a window to the childhood of her own little Son and how he grew doing always the Will of His Father.

After all the prayers are done little Mary Clare sits beside Our Lady content to just be quiet and restful.  Many are surprised at how well the children behave during the Children's Rosary.  

By having children of different ages there is a wonderful sharing and helping of the little ones. As time goes by the little ones quickly want their turn leading the prayers and feel quite comfortable saying the prayers.  

The Rosary is so perfectly suited to children through its repetition.  Even very young children or those with disabilities find they can learn the Rosary with ease.

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