Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dennis McCoy

Dennis McCoy
Last week I reached out to the Children's Rosary with a call for prayers as Dennis McCoy the publisher of our Children's Rosary book and a dear friend had fallen seriously ill.  He had a chronic form of leukemia however,  last week doctors realized it had transformed into an aggressive lymphoma.  Despite the best efforts from the physicians and nurses at the University of Minnesota Medical Center Dennis passed away Monday night surrounded by his family.  His decline was a rapid one and his son recalled on the phone that they had only last week been working on repairing a car together.

For months now, every few days I had the pleasure to speak with Dennis about the development and publishing of the Children's Rosary book.  Most recently we were beginning to work on the Spanish edition.  Dennis was a gentle, kind family man with a deep faith and a love of Our Lady.  He was a joy to work with and a true inspiration to me.  His life was spent simply and beautifully in service of Our Lord through the publication of treasured Catholic books, many of which were out of print and almost lost forever.  Yesterday, Steven, one of his 5 children sent me a picture of Dennis.  It was the first time I had ever seen his face.  His deep voice on the phone led me to imagine a larger man but when I saw his face there was a wonderful peaceful feeling that entered my heart.  The image had a lightness about it almost an etherial nature to it.  Although I miss Dennis I know he is very close to us and will be a wonderful intercessor especially for the Children's Rosary which he worked so hard to promote.

May I humbly ask for prayers for Dennis and his family.  The McCoy family is a close one and the loss of Dennis has hit them all hard especially his loving wife.  Thank you all!

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